My visit to the Facebook offices in New York City

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OMG I went to REAL LIFE Instagram! Yeah, you heard me! I visited the Facebook offices, which is also the Instagram offices, in NYC.

Are you curious? Are you excited? It was a VERY cool visit and I couldn’t wait to share so much  information with you guys!

By the way, I had access to A LOT of Insta info from the people who actually work there. I was on mission mode, DETERMINED to see everything! 

But, let’s start from the beginning:

Can anyone visit Facebook’s offices?

Well, sort of! You need to be invited, though! YESSSS, they noticed me, I FEEL SEEN! hahaha! But seriously – I was invited by a Facebook employee to take the full tour. And it’s a very exclusive tour indeed, which is why I am so excited!

And what’s in there?

The Facebook offices in New York are located at 770 Broadway, and they occupy seven stories (PLUS the rooftop) of the building. An entire floor is dedicated to Instagram (DREAM!), and seriously, it looks like Insta got materialized and you somehow ended up inside of it. It’s AWESOME. But, to be fair, all floors are amazing.


Everywhere you go, you see ART (!!!) and interactive installations. It’s impossible to tell which place is more photogenic (I mean Instagramable!). There is SO MUCH to see!


Look at these beautiful and inspiring corners and walls!


Now, let’s talk about food, OMG! There is SO MUCH food in there. Each floor has some type of cafeteria; from salad bars to food trucks. There are even those revolving sushi bars, with different sushi plates rotating, you know!?

I am not even going to get into all the snacks, they’re EVERYWHERE! And if you have a sweet tooth… Well, get ready because they have gelato too (on the Instagram floor, of course!). It’s terrific! I had a little cup of caramel and gianduja and it was DELISH!!

But guys, we need more than food, right? I know I do, LOL! Facebook knows that too, so they also have a bunch of spots with drinks and vending machines selling BEER! Okay, I will stop talking about food and drinks but not before mentioning the speakeasy bar they have. Wait, WHAT? Yep, they have a secret passage that leads to a full bar! I am officially moving there! haha

More highlights:

They have a game room! A FREAKING GAME ROOM!!! It gets better, there’s the DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION in there, the best game EVER! Have you played it? It’s so much fun!


And they have virtual reality, CRAZY fun! In my virtual universe, I saw tunnels and a bunch of naked people, don’t ask me why, hahaha!


Another cool and convenient thing: vending machines can be found all over the offices – so if you need an iPhone cable, a new mouse or even a keyboard, all you have to do is to touch a few buttons and voilá your item will drop, just like a can of soda, FOR FREE (but only for the employees… damn!)

And Facebook Walls are spread everywhere. It felt like a throwback to the very first versions of Facebook. Do you remember the Facebook Wall? Well, visitors, like me, can write anything on them and of course, I wouldn’t miss the chance to leave my mark, so I left my #levyter there! 😉


There are also lots of places to take pictures, like Instagram frames, literally everywhere. There is a mini-conference room that makes you look like a giant (see here), a room in constant movement – perfect for boomerangs – and a costume wall where you can become any character.


Could this day get any better? Oh YES! Their rooftop is icing on the cake! 


Facebook brought together my two favorite things in life: Instagram and NYC! Hands down, BEST PLACE ON EARTH!

During my visit, I asked them about getting your account verified. That dreamed blue checkmark, you know? Turns out your number of followers doesn’t really matter. To have that badge, you have to have a real audience, and that includes an offline presence. If you can get in the media or in the press, even better.

Extra Extra, I am available for your next press release, Lol!


As soon as I got to the office, I was instructed to sign a confidentiality agreement. So, I did see a lot of things that can’t be published, bummer! BUT, there are still so many things I am allowed to share, so stay tuned because I will have a video about this dreamed experience too.

That’s it for now! Have fun with the pictures and WATCH OUT, one day I will visit the Instagram headquarters in California.


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