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It’s official – everyone can now create a face filter or a camera effect on Instagram. Yes, I said everyone!

In today’s post, I am talking about the advantages of having your own filter. I will show you that a simple Instagram effect can be a strategic move for your business. You will also see a tutorial on how to create your filter. Don’t worry! If you – like me – think that’s WAY too complicated I will give you a solution at the end!

Story Effects to grow your audience

Before we get into your business strategies, let’s talk about how an Instagram Story Filter can be SUPER beneficial to grow your audience.

Filters work like this:

Every time you post a Story with an Instagram effect, that Story appears to your followers with the name of the effect AND your username at the top left corner.

As you can see on this video, anyone can click on the filter name and download it to their own Instagram camera. So, if you use your filter and your friends see and like it, they can download it and use it as well.

When they use it, their friends can also download your filter, and the friends of the friends of your friends, Lol… you got it? Basically, the reach of a filter is infinite.

The best part is that your @ is ALWAYS there, on the top, every time someone uses your filter. Even better, if your filter is being downloaded it is because people like it and chances are they will click on your name to find more of your creations. Also, if someone wants to have all the filters you created and download them automatically, they have to FOLLOW YOU

SIMPLE MATH: cool filters = more followers!

There is yet another way to grow just by creating your personalized filters.

Your filters can indeed spread by your followers, but it can also spread with the help of strangers.

That’s because Instagram has now a tab to explore effects, similar to the exploring posts tab.
Filter Explore is how people discover new filters and new filter creators, and having your creations there exposes you AND your profile MUCH MORE!

Heck yeah! Filters are powerful!

Face Filters as a Business Strategy

The power of effects on Instagram Stories is not limited to growth: creating filters for your business or personal brand is an AMAZING branding strategy, and many people are NOT using it yet!

Before going any further, do you know what branding is? Let me explain it to you! Branding is the set of actions you take to reinforce your brand to your followers or potential consumers; it could be your logo, tagline, song, or even a sensation!

 I have a great video where I talk about the 7 branding elements that every successful brand has and how can you apply these elements to your brand! Check this out

Anyway, let’s talk about filters for your branding:

If you follow me, you know I start all my videos saying Olaaaaaaaar – in English would be something like Hellooooooooor!

So my Olar filter is a perfect way to reinforce my branding.

I have been doing such actions with partner brands as well.

For instance, I teamed up with Cavage, my FAVORITE shoe brand, to create fantastic content for them!

In addition to the photos and videos we shoot in Amsterdam, I also created custom filters for them!

Now, imagine these cool filters spreading out to the world, via Instagram?

These wonderful shoes make it easy, right?

I know you can’t wait to pump your brand doing things like that with me, so go ahead and shoot me an email now: [email protected]

How to create face filters?

Here’s the tutorial so you can create your own. Just press play on the video below. However, remember…

Too hard? I have another solution for you!

I confess – I don’t have the time or patience to do it all on my own, and I am almost positive you don’t either. So, I brought together a group of incredible professionals/developers to Lu Levy Studio. I told you I had a solution 😉


Lu Levy Studio… wait, what is that, Lu?


Lu Levy Studio is Lu Levy, it’s ME!, and my team, creating unique content for you!


Lu Levy team produces content in all formats for all niches. We use proven strategies, tested by me, that will help you and your brand to have more value, engagement, and authority. 


In addition to blog content, YouTube and Instagram, we also have Instagram Filters Developers, who are here to help us out, creating filters that will allow YOU to take advantage of this wonderful new strategy. 


So, if you want to have your own filter HASSLE-FREE, send us an email to [email protected], and we will help you out! 



Now, stop wasting your time! Face filters are the new jam, babe!


Oh! Comment below what’s the filter of your DREAMS!



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