Digital trends to grow your career by 2020

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You guys know I read a lot to always be on top of what is happening in the digital world. And of course you also know that I share everything with you, right? So, here we go! I am here to share valuable information that you can’t ignore if you want to grow your brand in 2020. Whether you work in social media or are just trying to grow on digital platforms, you need to know about this, let’s go!


We are getting more and more demanding with brands. This has been happening for a while now. Brands already are and will value human relationships even more, by providing more personalized content and experiences for their customers. Did you know that sentiment analysis already exists? With the help of data science developers, it is now possible to analyze our feelings through negative, positive, and neutral word filters. So, even if the virtual world gains more strength and space, feelings will need to be taken into consideration. It will be exciting to see which strategies brands will be using to attract customers. So, what does this mean for influencers? How can we adapt and prepare our content to be “more human”? By creating more spontaneous, transparent content, and never losing our authenticity. A valuable tip I continuously give: don’t try to please everyone (like I always say “if you try to talk to everyone, you won’t talk to anyone”)! So, that’s why Instagram is now testing hidden likes – tools that have hidden analytics, such as stories, have been MUCH more successful because people feel less judged, and more free to post any type of content. By removing likes, Facebook (the owner of Instagram) ends up encouraging us to post more, and we are now less afraid of comparisons. Of course, besides that, there is the commercial aspect: more posts mean more time on the platform, more time on the platform means that we will see more ads, which results in more earnings for them.



Who doesn’t use cell phones nowadays? Well, trust me, that will only increase, babygirl. According to, smartphones will be replacing TVs even more. With that said, you know that internet services and social media will have much more strength, right? So, what does that mean? It means that people will consume even more of everything we, online creators, have to offer. So, go ahead and start diving more in-depth into your niche analysis to provide the products your audience is waiting for, NOW! Use online tools to be more successful, focus on your expertise and reaaaallllyyy target your audience.


For influencers: Take a risk monetizing your business differently and go beyond ads and sponsored posts – create your own courses, digital products, physical products, and online sales.


For brands: Find ways to facilitate online shopping, optimize your website, integrate your store with your Instagram.


AI (Artificial Intelligence) is coming to change the user experience on another level. More apps and more innovative companies will probably be coming out soon! Customer service tools are already getting smarter; for instance, chatbots are getting more personalized to improve the relationship between brands and consumers. That will, for sure, facilitate digital marketing automation as well as consumer solutions and experiences. About AR (Augmented Reality): Instagram Face Filters are now available for anyone who wishes to create and upload their own AR filter. Actually, I already have my own set! Go to my Insta to check it out and ask me here (link) how you can make your own! Creating yours can be REALLY beneficial for your brand – branding, spreading the reach of your profile, etc. To create your face filter contact me at [email protected]


What do we consume most on the internet? VIDEOS! A Hubspot research shows that placing a video in an email increases the CTR (clickthrough rate) by 300%, and a video on a sales page increases conversion by up to 80%. Whichever way you choose to provide information to your audience, really take advantage of the tools you have. On Instagram, for example, we can use stories, lives, IGTV, and recorded videos on the feed. Not only is it so much easier to deliver information using videos, you also will generate more traffic and increase your engagement with it! Not to mention that videos help a whole lot to increase our connection with our audience. Influencers: Your followers will get to know you better, feel closer (like real friends), trust, and like you much more! Brands: Videos are one of the BEST ways to show your products to your audience.


Audio will also have their space in the digital world. Take podcasts, or even SIRI, for example. Stop ignoring the power of audio tools! Don’t get me wrong, people still read, and you don’t have to put your blog aside – I won’t! However, everyone is busy, and time is precious. Imagine your clients listening to your article when driving home! Awesome, right? What’s happening now is not a matter of getting rid of the features and techniques that are already in use; it’s about always adapting to improve. We all want to grow, don’t you agree? So, go crazy with all these new tools to do so! If you offer one X product, improve it by following the trends so you can offer two X products sooner rather than later. And ask yourself: What is my goal? What makes me different? What are my competitors doing, and how can I do it better? Analyze your possibilities and DO IT!

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