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A Comprehensive Guide for Influencer Marketing in the Next Decade

The turn of the decade is around the corner. And right by it, another giant milestone: Instagram’s 10th birthday. The platform has dramatically changed the way we express our creativity, and how marketing is practiced at different levels. The transition to mobile has also radically democratized all our forms of expression, making it possible that creators of all levels get a slice of the pie.

Today we are connected to a world that combines art, technology, culture and talent in a way that’s never been seen before. So understanding where things are heading, where future trends are pointing to, is super important for anyone who wants to stand out in this ever-evolving digital space.

One thing you, I and everyone else knows is that the present and future are digital.

In 2019, advertising companies spent more money on digital marketing than traditional advertising for the first time. If you follow me, you’re not really surprised. And if you still don’t follow me, take this opportunity to follow me on IG because I know what I’m talking about!

Right now, it’s more important than ever to be culturally relevant in the social space (and when I say that I mean: in social networks) – both for brands, and media and content creators. And in order for brands to thrive on this ecosystem, they need to be aligned with creators who aren’t afraid to take risks in the name of creativity, activism, and their personality.

Whether protesting for a cause, creating digital or street art, or posting kickflip videos – the creators who have been most successful with their audiences and consumers are those who use their platforms to show their true passions, unfiltered. If this creator is you, just stick with me.

Fonte: Whalar

A recent study by Whalar listed 6 trends that can be read as… niches that are in high demand.They are digital movements and forms of behavior that are shaping the way online content is being consumed.

For those who want to align with the values ​​and trends that come with the start of this new decade, here is the list. Think of it as a guide, a behavioral study, and map to begin your planning as a relevant online brand and/or personality:



Supporting a cause is essential because we can’t afford to not care about things.

All causes are ultimately personal causes. But they affect tens of thousands – if not millions of people – in your community or even around the world.

There are influencers making a lot of impact with their activism that combining education and artistic expression. There are also mothers talking about postpartum life and the unseen difficulties of motherhood that are creating huge communities around their accounts. Climate activism, urgent right now, has many facets and urges responsible information and coherent action.

Most consumers around the world today take into account the environmental impact of their purchases and the origin of their products. Choosing to buy a product from a big brand or from a local producer today is a form of activism – and who will be by your side in this fight?

The change in consumption habits has been observed around the globe. The September 2019 climate march broke records. Giants like WordPress and Tumblr, among 7,000 other companies, donated space for ads and banners for the Patagonian cause. Activism is a real trend and should not be ignored.
Fonte: Whalar

Level Playing Field

Finally, it’s time for women to shine in sports as much as men do.

2019 was the year of women’s soccer in several countries. In Brazil and the United States, athletes protested against their lower wages compared to the men’s despite their superior performances using the Women’s Football World Cup as a background.

A few months later, in November 2019, Brazil’s biggest network broadcasted fort the first time ever a friendly match from the women’s national team, and that was because “the internet” was being so loud about it for so long. There is a demand for female representation in all areas, but it is really urgent in sports.

Big brands are also paying attention to this. They are learning that if they do not sponsor female athletes, they will soon become irrelevant. Or even cancelled. Oops!

Fantasy Faces

From artistic makeup to AI filters – the bold faces are in.

HBO’s Euphoria was a generational milestone. It was also heavily based on aesthetics and artistic production of makeup, and a tremendous success. An indication of a new generation that has found a form of expression through gender-neutral beauty products.

The hair care, skin care and beauty industry has grown dramatically – between men and women. In the UK, interestingly, men have spent even more than women – proving that the trend of creative beauty is here to stay.

In the apps field, we’re seeing more tools each day that allow users to create and share augmented reality filters to play with facial expressions and fantasy faces. It is the expression of the self through the AI.

Fonte: Whalar

Digital Romanticism

When the analog meets the digital the result is delicate and cozy. The Danish call it Hygge.

After the boom of apps that simulate analog cameras came the wave of actual analog photography. Not just niche analog, like the Lomography phase, but 35mm cameras where you can put the film in, have it revealed in an hour and ask them to scan right there – after all, it’s not 1999 anymore. It’s 2019 and we need to Insta that sh*t!

This aesthetic creates a digitally transmitted analog romanticism that is a delicate art form. Not only through the photos, though. The poet Rupi Kauer has become a phenomenon of literature using of an unfinished beauty that reflects the fragility of the digital age. Her career began with posts from excerpts from her work on Tumblr back in 2012. Her first collection, milk & honey, was translated into 40 languages ​​- it sold more than the Odyssey, so you get a feel.
Fonte: Whalar

Craftwork / Arts & Crafts / Handmade Art

Fonte: Whalar
Artists, creators and experts show behind the scenes of their process.

Illustrators, makeup artists, bakers, chefs, and other creative professionals have seen their engagement and followers grow exponentially as they share their creative processes. Speed ​​motion videos have been especially popular.

Internet self-learning is the hallmark of an entire generation of creators and entrepreneurs. Giving this space to show how things are done is a way to open the door to the democratization of education.

Etsy, too, since opening its website in 2005, has been a space for independent consumers and artisans behind its niche audience. Today, it is the sellers favorite marketplace, coming ahead of Ebay, Amazon and Craigslist. It brings the creator closer to the end consumer and is relatively immune to the damage Amazon causes to other types of independent trade.

The Millennium Bug – #Y2K

The aesthetics of the aughts are inspiring a new generation.

Combining the Depop and Instagram platforms, the #Y2K hashtag has nearly 750,000 search results – increasing by the day. Who is leading this trend is Generation Z, precisely the people born in the 00’s.

There are Instagram accounts of people who share their looks, zines and decorations inspired by the turn of the millennium. Vintage commerce has also grown 21 times more than traditional commerce in the last 3 years, and most searches have been for products from the 2000s.

For those who lived those times it seems like it happened yesterday, but for many young people this is the first time they are getting in touch with this kind of futuristic aesthetic. Julio Torres’s comedy special produced by HBO earlier this year  was both a hit and an ode to #Y2K in terms of aesthetics.


While each trend speaks to a particular theme and aesthetic, they all serve a purpose. They show that today’s creators are acting toward something they believe in. Activism, women in sports, forms of artistic expression – they all speak of passions.

It’s important to understand which of these trends fit your brand and how you can tailor your content to suit them. I’m not talking about completely changing your strategy and just talking about activism, but making your positions clear, being authentic, trying out models that fit what you already do. Find your communities, both locally and globally. Your niche exists and is waiting for you. Learn how to serve them well!

Oof! That was like a masterclass!

If you have any questions, leave it in the comments! And tell me which trend comes closest to your brand and if you are already aligned to any of them. I’ve already seen a lot of cool stuff out there!

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See you next time! xo

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