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whey proteinWhat’s your favorite whey protein?

I know whey isn’t the tastiest thing in the world. In fact, most whey powders are downright nasty! LOL! But it’s pretty important to find one that you actually like, because supplementing with whey protein is essential for people who train hard!

I’ve been taking whey since I can remember and today I will tell you guys all about my favorite whey protein, which is pretty tasty and made only from natural ingredients!But first…

What is whey protein?


Whey protein is the combination of protein particles derived from the milk serum. Imagine this: producers extract casein and fat from milk to produce cheese, and whey is left behind. The whey is then processed to remove carbohydrates and fats, isolated and dehydrated, turning into the powder that we all know and love.  Whey protein is rich in branch-chain amino acids, cholesterol-free and easily digested. It comes in a few different forms and each has its pros and cons:

Whey protein concentrate

Whey concentrate goes through minimum filtering, and the result is a supplement made up for 70% to 80% protein, and the rest is fat and carbs. Since it is minimally filtered, whey protein concentrate is the most inexpensive whey available.

Whey protein isolate

Whey isolate is filtered using the Crossflow method, so it reaches a composition of up to 95% protein and is very easily absorbed.  It is ideal for those who want to lose body fat and build muscle, and can be consumed both before and after your workout.

Hydrolized whey protein

Hydrolized whey is super duper processed and filtered, which results in a breakdown of the protein chains into smaller peptides, which means it comes practically digested already! It is the best option for your post-workout supplementation, since it’s absorbed in a flash, but all that processing makes this the most expensive option.


Why supplement with whey protein?


Protein supplementation with whey is important for people who are hardcore workerouters because whey increases protein synthesis in the body, which means that it helps in the formation of all the parts of the body that require protein, and this includes not only muscle but hair, skin, nails, organs… basically everything! But when we train hard, we put our muscles under a lot of stress, and they need that extra push of protein to regenerate and grow.

Sure, we could ingest a whole lot of chicken breast or egg whites, but we would need to eat a whole lot of those to get the amount of protein that we need and that would be a whole lot of extra calories! Plus, whey is absorbed much faster than food-based protein, which means it is much more efficient at muscle building and repair.

But is it true that whey will make me gain weight??


Someone someday said that whey protein makes us gain weight, and somehow that myth stuck. The truth is that when it comes to dieting, there’s no better way to lose fat than to up your protein intake. Sure, consuming more calories than we need, independent of which micronutrient they come from, will help the body to store extra fat. But if you’re active, whey will definitely help in your weight-loss goals!

What’s the best way to consume whey protein?


Since whey is important for muscle regeneration, the best times to consume the protein supplement is before and after your workout. I like to include half a scoop in my pre-workout meal and another half a scoop in my post-workout shake. If I’m out and about and unable to take my afternoon snack, I’ll have another half a scoop of whey!

Remember, I’m 5’4” and weigh 115lbs, so half a scoop is more than enough at each serving. Of course, each person’s needs vary according to their size and activity levels.

And so, what’s the best-tasting whey protein?

melhor whey protein


I’m completely addicted to the About Time Whey Protein Isolate. The ingredients are simply micro-filtered whey protein, xanathan gum (a natural additive that comes from fermenting corn), stevia (a natural sweetener) and natural flavors. That’s it! Besides, it comes in the most delicious flavors like chocolate peanut butter, birthday cake, cinnamon swirl… yum! But my favorite is just plain chocolate by far.

For my pre-workout snack, I like to cut up a banana, add a tablespoon of peanut butter, half a scoop of chocolate About Time whey and a couple drops of water – it turns into a sweet chocolatey delicious mush!

After I’m done, I whip up a shake of half a scoop of chocolate whey, a scoop of glutamine and a scoop of collagen – tastes like a milkshake!

You can pick up a tube from the About Time site or from Amazon.

So, do you guys already supplement with whey? What’s your favorite? Leave your comment below and help me spread the love by sharing this post!

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