OutFIGHT of the Day: wearing two bags at once (!!!)

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Some time ago I wrote about a street style trend that had really gotten people talking: wearing two bags at once. I found the idea stylish if not off and spent the entire time that I was writing the post trying to figure out how I could simultaneously incorporate two bags in one look and, not surprisingly, didn’t find a solution. It’s hard to do and needs to be really thought out, right? Actually, no.

Turns out that today’s OutFIGHT had a look with two bags as a result and that happened completely accidentally as a result of my utter indecisiveness, LOL. Turns out that right around that time when I’m supposed to decide what bag to wear I simply couldn’t, so I decided to wear ‘em both. Fuck it.

So yeah. Let’s see how that happened:

It all started because I absolutely had to wear my leopard print circle skirt from H&M that I’d bought on my last trip to the States and hadn’t worn yet. So off I went trying it on with whatever printed top I could find (you guys know I LOVE mixing prints) and obviously failing hard. NOT GOOD – I look like a color-blind injured leopard! This is a great example of what NOT to do when trying to mix prints: two similar prints in similar sizes in totally different color pallets = shit. ? Go instead for one large print with one small, both in similar colors.

look wearing two bags 1

Just like this! In fact, leopard print + stripes (or flowers + stripes, for that matter) is basically error-free nation when it comes to mixing prints.

look wearing two bags 2

I decided that my nearly-black lipstick gave me a free-pass to go all rock ‘n roll on your asses, so I put on my studded boots from Schutz and sure, I might be acting all tough but I sure as hell don’t look good. Hahaha. Too much going on here, wouldn’t you agree?

look wearing two bags 3

I accepted that maybe I’m not such a hard-ass after all and put on a nice, chill pair os sneakers and now we’re talking! I love skirts or dresses with sneakers – it’s very casual while still keeping it stylish.

look wearing two bags 4

And so came the critical moment of this OutFIGHT: which bag to wear? I considered wearing the little yellow one from Lancel, but then I liked the ideia of wearing the other little yellow one from 284. What to do!? Wear ‘em both! Life’s too short to make such stupid choices!

look wearing two bags 5


I decided to keep the double-baggage the focus of this outfit and therefore didn’t put on any accessories at all, which is a first for me. Here are the details of the look:


The outfit came out like this:

look final

I’m wearing:
H&M skirt
Urban Outfitters top
Lancer and 284 bags
Puma sneakers
Dark Side lipstick by MAC

So did you guys like it? What did you all think of this two-bag craziness? Leave your comments below!

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