Tattoo chokers, the 90s trend that’s back with a vengeance

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tattoo chokers

Do you remember the hottest trends from your teenage years?

One of the hottest trend from when I was a teen was the tattoo choker, that plastic necklace that was all the rage! I remember being a wannabe-rebel in the 90s and wearing those to compose my misfit look, LOL!

Well, as it is not uncommon for past trends to come back, the tattoo choker is again a hot item! So let’s take a look at the different varieties, how to wear tattoo chokers and where to buy them! 👇

What are tattoo chokers?

Tattoo chokers are plastic necklaces worn tight around the middle of the neck. They are so close to the skin, in fact, that they look just like tattoos, hence the name!

The classic tattoo choker is black with interlacing designs, but we’re seeing all different kinds of versions, like leather, colored plastic and fabric:

como usar tattoo chokersWhat the hellz

como usar tattoo chokersJana Makeup

como usar tattoo chokersEi Lilian

como usar tattoo chokersModerninhos

Who wears tattoo chokers?

The trend is growing quickly, and many celebrities have already been seen with the chokers.

como usar tattoo choker

Kylie Jenner and Lindsay Lohan chose to wear the accessory in casual looks, but Emma Stone showed us that tattoo chokers work even with red carpet looks. And she looks stunning, right?

How to wear tattoo chokers?

Tattoo chokers can be worn alone, with pendants or combined with other necklaces. I really like them worn like this!

como usar tattoo chokers

Where to buy a tattoo choker?

You like? Let’s get one then!

You can find tattoo chokers at a bunch of online stores:

Top Shop

I really love the fabric ones, but I confess that the classic black plastic ones made me all nostalgic and I really want to jump right into this trend.

How about you? Have you gotten into the tattoo chokers yet? Leave your comment below and help me spread the love by sharing this post!

Kisses! 😘

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    tattoo chokers

    Vocês lembram das maiores tendências da sua adolescência?

    Uma das que eu mais lembro com certeza é a tattoo choker, aquele colarzinho tão colado no pescoço quase parece uma tatuagem, e daí que vem o nome! Nos anos 90 os chokers bombaram, tanto nas vertentes do grunge e do gótico, como entre adolescentes que queria parecer mais estilosas ou até um pouco rebeldinhas (Eu? Imagina! hahah!). Eu sei que lá pelos meus quinze anos cheguei a usar várias de uma vez só!

    Pois bem, como é comum com as tendências de moda, o tattoo choker voltou com tudo e é a nova febre do momento. Vamos então dar uma olhada nas variedades, em como usar as tattoo chokers e onde comprar! 👇

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