Boy at the OutFIGHT: what happens when my boyfriend chooses my look of the day!

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namorado escolhe o look do dia - destaque

What if your boyfriend picked out your outfit? Would he do a good job?

I’ve been letting my boyfriend pick out my look of the day for three weeks now and to my surprise, he’s actually been doing quite a good job. While I open my closet and stare hopelessly at the massive amounts of clothes I “don’t have”, he goes right in for the kill, never once doubting that his combinations are perfectly suitable for whatever affairs I may have that day.

But, before we go into this week’s look picked out by my Boy, a little background info: 👇

It all started a few weeks ago, right as I moved into my new apartment. I had just finished organizing my closet and had to run out to a blogger party I was already late to, and in classic girly frustration, I cried: “I have nothing to wear!”

He looked at me in contempt, then back at the closet: “You’ve gotta be kidding me.”

I told him that if he was so certain of my infinite collection of clothes, he could pick out my outfit himself.

And he did just that. “This skirt, this top, these shoes, this bag” No hesitation, no mind-changing, just one perfect, situation-appropriate, mixed-patterns outfit:

boyfriend picks out look of the day


And so I decided to have a little fun with it and let him pick out one outfit every week to put up on the blog. But, of course, there are a couple of rules:

1) The Boy will not pick out crazy looks meant to ridicule me. He wants to see me look good and he will strive for this.
2) I cannot coerce him into making certain choices. It is all in his hands.
3) There are no vetoes. What he picks is what I wear!

All rules agreed upon, we moved on to the second week. I had a couple meetings to attend and a video to shoot, so I told him to pick out something appropriate. Once again the look of the day he picked out did not fail me!

boyfriend choses look of the day

And so we move on to this week.

Even though he has been killing it at this new job I kind of forced him into, this week I was not as thoroughly impressed by his work. See, last week, even though I looked good, I basically froze my ass off all day (remember, it’s winter in Brazil!). He was a little upset that his choices kept me shivering throughout my meetings, so today, with the themometers marking a chilly 48°F, he let me know that my look would involve pants and a coat. And since a good coat tends to make any outfit more chic, so I wasn’t at all hesitant.

The first item he picked out was my trench coat from Maria Filó, a piece I absolutely love and which got me pretty excited for the rest of the look. “The coat is what determines all the rest,” he said, as if he’d just reincarnated as a personal stylist.

Then he took out my teal skinny jeans from Armani Exchange, and I actually liked that, too, since those pants haven’t seen the light of day since Miley Cyrus actually wore clothes. In fact, this is probably the biggest advantage of letting someone else dress you – they see articles of clothing that we’ve been overlooking for months.

Next came a black-and-white striped t-shirt (I found his order in picking out the pieces quite peculiar, but who am I to question a *stylist*?), and I liked this choice as well.

With clear determination he picked up my UGGs, and this is when things turned a little sour. I put on everything, including my best puppy-dog persuasion eyes, looked at him, and asked if he was sure.

He looked me up and down and changed the UGGs for my black over-the-knee Aldo boots (Score!). In theory, this was a great look, but something just wasn’t right. Something about the fit of the pants with the boots – I just didn’t feel pretty. But the rules are clear and what he says is what must be worn.

I reminded him that we were missing some accessories, and he was very good to me: mixed pattern Aldo clutch and an H&M feather necklace.

This is what my Boy’s chosen outfit looks like:

namorado escolhe o look do dia

namorado escolhe o look do dia

namorado escolhe o look do dia

namorado escolhe o look do dia


So, what’d ya think?

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Kisses! 😘

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