OutFIGHT of the Day: how to wear hotpants with a sheer skirt or dress

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Did you know that hot pants with a sheer skirt or dress is a total fashion hit for the summer?

It’s true, and I’ve been DYING to wear hot pants with a sheer skirt or dress since I first saw it around in street style pics. And since its super hot summer down here in Brazil, I figured, why not?

There’s just one tiny little issue: how to style hot pants with a sheer dress? To start, the whole idea of it seems pretty bold – I’m sure my dad would scold me for going out in my undies at the first glimpse of my visible hot pants! Plus, it’s not exactly an article of clothing that we have laying around in our closets for our every fashion whim, amiright?

Luckily I anticipated this uncontrollable need to give into my inner fashion victim and went to the mall a few weeks ago with the sole purpose of finding me a pair of hot pants, and that I did – I bought myself a black bikini with perfect hot pant bottoms, and they’re what’s gonna get us outFIGHTing today! 

The bikini is from Salinas and although I find these larger retro style bathing suits super stylish and chic, I admit that I only bought these with the intent of wearing them under a sheer dress to get the look I have in mind.

how to wear hot pants and a sheer skirt 1

I already had a dress in mind for this hot pants + sheer dress adventure, this slighty shiny striped number from Maria Filó. Problem is it really is QUITE sheer, and I desperately feel like my ass is hanging out. No way I can leave the house like this!

how to wear hot pants and a sheer skirt 2

I changed into a beach dress from Galeria do Bikini which I thought would lessen my ass-exposure by being less transparent, but turns out the ass is still all out in the open.

how to wear hot pants and a sheer skirt 3

Two dresses later and my dad’s scolding voice in my head is still VERY loud, so I decided I’d get creative to try to get some much-needed booty coverage. I grabbed a pair of tight black biker shorts, some scissors and voilà! Short shorts but with a straight edge, no cheeks hanging out here!

how to wear hot pants and a sheer skirt 4

Once the assue (get it? Sorry.) was resolved, we’re finally able to move on. Since we ended up with an all-black look, I decided to add color by means of accessories and started out with a fringed pair of pink sandals from Giseli Dias.

how to wear hot pants and a sheer skirt 5

It was a relatively chilly night for a Brazilian summer, so I decided I’d wear something over the whole thing. I suspected a leather jacket would look very cool and I definitely liked the fabric part of the thing, but the jacket is too short and that didn’t work for me.

how to wear hot pants and a sheer skirt 6

To go the exact opposite way, I tried on a long black vest that I think is super stylish and I loved how this turned out, except I realized that the idea was to get protection from the cold and this wouldn’t do it.

how to wear hot pants and a sheer skirt 7
Finally I ended up deciding on a green shawl that’s versatile and can be adjusted throught the night. I like!

how to wear hot pants and a sheer skirt 8

I topped everything off with yet more color: yellow clutch from Aldo, leopard necklace from H&M and lots and lots of rings, as per usual. The look came out like this:

como usar hot pants com saia transparente final

I’m wearing: 
Salinas top
Hot pants by me!
Maria Filó dress
Pashmina from my personal collection
Aldo clutch
Giseli Dias shoes
H&M necklace

So, what did you think of the hot pants with sheer dress look? Are you gonna try something like this too?

Leave your comments below!

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