Boy at the OutFIGHT: new clothes are for wearing!

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Last week was my birthday and for this Boy at the OutFIGHT, my Boy had one thing absolutely decided: he would dress me in something new that I got as a gift. And I loved this notion, after all, who doesn’t like wearing new clothes?

He started by searching through the bags and boxes and came to a halt when he came across a pair of black and white shorts from Zara that according to him are “SO ME!”

In fact, the shorts are one of those high-waisted pairs that I often wear, so I loved his choice.

To go along with the shorts he came to the conclusion that we’d need a crop top (evidence that he is learning!) and picked out a highlighter-green one from American Apparel. I thought it worked great since the shorts are tailored and the top has a more casual feel – perfect hi-lo material!

He decided on a pair of flats for the feet, and his reasoning was that I’ve had a rough week and need to be comfortable. Cute!

We finished everything off with big earrings and a matching ring, very chic, to make the whole look a bit more grown up.

The outfit my boyfriend picked out turned out like this:







I’m wearing:
Zara shorts
American Apparel top
Capodarte flats
Jewelry from my personal collection

I looooooved this look! How about you guys? Leave your comments below!

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