OutFIGHT of the Day: Yes, this dress is NEOPRENE!

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I recently got a NEOPRENE (!!!) dress from Colcci as a gift and it was one of those things that I opened and literally had to put on right away. Colorful, full of tulle cutouts and actually made from deep-sea diving material, this dress is NOT kidding. Plus, the print is absolutely glorious and full of delicious colors, so from the minute I had it on I started dreaming of all the possibilities of accessories that could go with it. And of course that made for quite the OutFIGHT!

So neoprene turns out to be pretty glorious material for a dress. Not only does it look good, it feels incredible and I never want to take it off!

flower dress 1

I started out with the feet – blue and yellow platforms from Carmen Steffens with a hint of leopard – which gave me all the things I love: lots of colors and a nice mix of prints. And I would’ve kept it if it wasn’t for the platforms. This dress is kinda longish so the length + platforms made me feel like an old lady.

flower dress 2

Still with the yellow in mind I decided to try on my Ralph Lauren sandals and loved it, but of course when I went to pick these out I saw a hot pink pair and couldn’t move on without trying those too!

flower dress 3

And so I did and loved it! The Giseli Dias sandals are all fringy and awesome, and the pink is a very bright POP of color that I can’t do without.

flower dress 4

To keep the fun going, I decided to go with a headpiece because, you know, why not? I chose a velvet turban from Cris Meirelles and all of a sudden, we have a 21st Century Carmen Miranda! hahaha!

flower dress 5


To finish everything off I chose a maxi earring from H&M and a clutch from American Apparel, both Klein blue, to top off the color combo. I added a bunch of rings and that’s it! The details are in the gallery below:


The final look came out like this:

look final

I’m wearing:
Colcci dress
Giseli Dias sandals
American Apparel clutch
H&M ring
Cris Meirelles turban



So how’d you like it? Am I Carmen Miranda-like or what!? hahahah Leave your comments below and show your friends the OutFIGHT of the Day so we can all have fun getting dressed together (which is not nearly as fun as getting undressed, but, ya know.)

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