Mary Poppins or girl plumber? #Instagramlooks

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I have some articles of clothing in my closet that get me made fun of every time I wear them. Its inevitable! hahaha! And these jeans overalls are one of those articles. I literally walked into work today and got called a plumber! And it’s a little bit understandable: it’s got an elastic waist and it’s made of light blue jeans, similar do the color of a plumber’s uniform!

And to top it off, I stopped at this little shop with all of the umbrellas and all of a sudden I became a Mary Poppins/plumber hybrid. Awesome.

Anyway, I love this look anyway and I feel that with a few rules-of-thumb, it can work beautifully. First, you gotta have the big heels – I’m already short and things would get pretty out of hand if I wore these overalls with Converse, for example. LOL. Secondly, very feminine accessories make all the different, and put you on the Mary Poppins end of the spectrum with much more ease! Lastly, you gotta own it, man. If you wanna wear something different, go for it, but feel good in it! Great style comes with great courage. ?






I’m Wearing:
American Apparel overalls
Aldo Shoes
M.Officer belt
Zuria jewelry

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