OutFIGHT of the Day: look with a hat for a sunny day out

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look com chapeu-2

Hey lovies!

This Sunday I decided to take my Boy and my dog, Elvis, out for a walk around the city, the kind of day that calls for some really comfy clothes and a nice big hat to shield from the sun. And I’ve never actually worn a hat on a Sunday in the city, so I decided I’d make this my mail goal for this OutFIGHT of the Day.

Since it was a hot sunny day, I decided to go for my floral print shorts that I got as a gift from WearEver. And since I’m all about mixing prints, I couldn’t NOT mix this one. I tried going for my kitty crop top from Urban Outfitters, which I’ve been really trying to get into an outfit lately, but no dice. I felt a little bit like a piece of a jungle with all the vegetation and animals and all. hahaha.

look with a hat 1

Since my absolute favorite way of mixing patterns is wearing floral + stripes, I pulled out my light blue button-down from Banana Republic and LOVED the results. Buuuut, then I thought to myself – maybe a button-down isn’t the very best option for a warm day frolicking around the city with a dog, huh?

look with a hat 2

So I put on the striped crop top from Urban Outfitters instead and liked the result. I’ll admit that I’m not sure if I liked it as much as the previous choice, but decided to go with it for purely practical reasons.

look with a hat 3

The shoes had to be comfortable abova all, but style always has its weight, right? I tried on my UGG leopard-print loafers, but the attempt for stylishly mixing in another print definitely backfired. Sometimes we just have to try it on to see if it works or not, and here it DID NOT.

look with a hat 4


So I decided to just go for a nice pair of sneakers, the kind that we can’t go wrong with. I chose my personalized black Converse and finally, all set to go!

look with a hat 5


I threw on my big hat, a statement ring from my collection and off we went.

This is what my outfit with a big hat looked like:

look com chapeu final

look com chapeu-4

look com chapeu-7

look com chapeu-11

look com chapeu-9

look com chapeu-8

look com chapeu-5

look com chapeu-10

look com chapeu-14

look com chapeu-12

look com chapeu-13

look com chapeu-15


So did you guys like the look with the hat?

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Beijos! ?

Photos: Leo Azevedo

  • Danielle Bodzin
    27 de agosto de 2015

    love you my fave blogger! also, no to the kitty shirt …. LOL!

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