OutFIGHT of the Day: look, Mom, I’m on TV!

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Look TV-14

Be on TV – Check on the bucket list! ?

Last week I received a really special invitation to give some tips on a national Brazilian TV show called Você Bonita. And of course I accepted! I was super excited with the opportunity, except for the fact that I had absolutely no idea what to wear. I swear I thought about it for days, but only actually decided on a look when I remembered my yellow American Apparel high-waisted pants. And when I put them on with a black crop top, I knew I we were on the way to putting together the perfect look for the occasion!

There’s not really much to think about: if the pants are high-waisted, the top has to be cropped! I’ve always loved this combo, since way before it was a thing, and I’ll probably continue loving it after the trend is gone. I picked this black one, also from American Apparel.

TV look 1

Another thing that was a non-issue was wether to wear heels or not. The pants are a good deal longer than my short little legs, so there was no way to pass the heels up.  Besides, there’s no better way to look thinner, taller and more feminine. Yes please! I decided on my black super high Schutz shoes.

TV look 2

I was quite happy with the direction this look was taking but I felt that I still needed a couple of those details-that-make-all-the-difference. So I took a lace bra from Urban Outfitters and put it on under the top, and the result was exactly what I had in mind – a little bit of lace showing and a lot of extra charm!

TV look 3

And then I had to think about a belt. I’m not one of those people who think that if a pair of pants has belt loops, it automatically means that I need to wear a belt, but I do see belt loops as an opportunity. An opportunity for style! And I’m not gonna miss that opportunity, of couse, so I picked out a thin leopard belt from M.Officer and was quite happy with the result. (I was also very happy that the pants were kind of falling off and a belt was actually kind of necessary. Sweet!)

TV look 4

I had the feeling that even though I was wearing pretty much my highest heels, the pants were still a little bit longish, which makes me wonder what ever happened to that growth spurt I was supposed to have fifteen years ago, but I digress. The fact is that this problem had to be solved, so I decided that I’d fold the hemline a few times and call it a day. But right as I bent down to fold I remembered my very colorful – and super stylish – shoes from Aldo, and figured I’d change into them. And I loveeeed the result!

TV look 5

To finish it all off I chose my pyramid necklace from Urban Outfitters, art deco earrings from ASOS, triangle and phalange rings from ASOS and a big stone ring from Arezzo. Check out the details in the gallery below:

The final look came out like this:

TV look

Look TV-10

Look TV-6

Look TV-4

Look TV-3

Look TV-29

Look TV-18

Look TV-26

Look TV-19

Look TV-24

Look TV-32

Look TV-21

Look TV-38

Look TV-28

Look TV-35

Look TV-22

Look TV-42

Look TV-36

Look TV-39

Look TV-37

Ohhh, and here’s the video from the TV show! Sorry it’s in Portuguese!?

I’m wearing:
American Apparel pants
American Apparel cropped top
Urban Outfitters Bra
M.Officer belt
Aldo Shoes
Urban Outfitters necklace
Asos earrings
Asos triangle and phalange rings
Arezzo ring

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Beijos! ?

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