Trend alert! How to wear two bags at once

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como usar duas bolsas ao mesmo tempoHave you ever thought of wearing two bags simultaneously??

If you haven’t, now’s a good time to start! Wearing two bags at once (the trend that has been given the unfortunate name of double bagging) is a rising fashion trend. And if we already love carrying one great bag, why not go ahead and do two, right? Hahaha!

But let’s get a few things clear: the idea isn’t necessarily throwing on two random bags, but coordinating a tote with a mini bag, mixing two shoulder bags, or maybe even wearing two identical ones. The possibilities are endless, so let’s check out how to do it!  ?

Where did the idea for wearing two bags simultaneously come from?

Double bagging has been a thing since it started showing up on the winter 2016 runways, with a few different brands bringing in their versions.

how to wear two bags at once

Chloé strutted two similar bags in different sizes, while Dolce & Gabbana put together a large, everyday bag in a neutral color with an ornamental mini bag. I found it super cute and can definitely picture using the mini bag for essentials like lipstick and iPhone. Mulberry mixed a maxi bag with a mini bag in the same color, and it looks awesome!

How to wear two bags at once?

Like I always say, let’s not get caught up with rules. There are a million ways to wear this trend, so what you see below is mere inspiration.

how to wear two bags simultaneously

Two shoulder bags

Shoulder bags can be worn crossed over the chest or, like the name suggests, over one shoulder, and can be adjusted to various heights, which makes them super versatile and easy to mix and match. And you can get a result wearing two of the same bags or two different ones.

Two of the same bags in different colors

If you are like me, when you really like an item you go ahead and buy it in a bunch of different colors. and bags are no different! If you have two of the same bag in different colors, throw them on and be happy!

Two different bags in the same color

Mulberry gave a great example of how to wear two totally different style bags in the same color, and it looks GOOD. You can wear a really big one with a smaller shoulder bag, an everyday tote with a mini bag…

One big everyday bag and a mini bag

If you’re not exactly sure about this trend, starting slow is a good idea. Try wearing your normal everyday bag with a mini bag, which turns out to look more like an acessory than an extra bag.

A bag and a clutch

Another idea for those of you that aren’t exactly convinced: wear a bag and hold a clutch – its one of the most low-key way of wearing two bags!

But remember, we make our own style, so go ahead and try new ways of wearing to bags at once and show me either by e-mailing me or by using the #lucianalevy hashtag on Instagram!

So, what do you guys think? Are you gonna get into the double bagging trend? Leave your comments below and if you like this post, help me spread the love by sharing it!

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