OutFIGHT of the Day: how to wear a plaid skirt with a plaid coat with a plaid soul!

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A certain Halloween about a decade ago I decided that I wanted to dress up as a naughty schoolgirl (don’t judge me! I was in college and it was 2005). I asked around my dorm if any of the girls had a short plaid skirt and a cute girl a few sizes bigger than me lent me hers. I used a couple safety pins to get the skirt to stay in place, put my hair up in pigtails and called it a day!

A few days after Halloween I knocked on her door, dry-cleaned skirt in hand, and was greeted by her roommate. She told me the girl hadn’t been able to cope with being away from home (she was from Minnesota) and had left for good. I called her up and, grateful for my preoccupation, she refused to give me her address so that I could send her back her skirt. So here I am, ten years later, embarking on a new OutFIGHT of the Day with that old skirt from many Halloweens ago.

The OutFIGHT started out with the plaid skirt, safety pins still secured at the sides, and a men’s t-shirt from Armani Exchange that I stole from my dad. I actually really liked how the subtle stripes on the shirt meshed with the plaid, but it didn’t make for the most flattering of outfits, right?

how to wear a plaid skirt 1

So I traded in the big shirt for a little one from H&M and tucked it in, and the result was definitely more flattering.

how to wear a plaid skirt 2

But since I’m completely obsessed (addicted, even) with mixing prints, I decided to take advantage of the cold front and put on my H&M coat, also plaid. Mixing these two plaid pieces works because both patterns have similar colors, but one of them has red as the main color and the other black, so the brain doesn’t mix the two together. LOVE it.

how to wear a plaid skirt 3

Not satisfied with two prints, I decided to add another one by wearing my red python ankle boots from Animale, but what am I, a clown? Definitely NO.

how to wear a plaid skirt 4

So I put on my over-the-knee boots from Aldo and now we’re talking! Love the result: flirty but not overly sexy, and casual but fit for date night.

how to wear a plaid skirt 5

I finished everything off with a mustard-yellow bag from 348 for contrast, black Murano glass ring, a tiny diamond ring from my collection and a phalange ring from ASOS, plus a vintage ivory pair of earrings that I got as a gift from my Grandma. The details are in the gallery below:

And the final look came out like this:

como usar saia xadrez final

como usar saia xadrez-18

como usar saia xadrez-17

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como usar saia xadrez-24

como usar saia xadrez-14

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como usar saia xadrez-16

como usar saia xadrez-22

como usar saia xadrez-19

como usar saia xadrez-30

como usar saia xadrez-23

como usar saia xadrez-21

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So, how do you guys like it? What do you think of mixing plaid with plaid? Leave your comments below and help me spread the love by sharing this post!

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