OutFIGHT of the Day: how to wear a black dress to work and other daily errands

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como usar vestido preto dia a dia

Do you know how to wear a black dress to work, or are you stuck with the idea that this is a nighttime piece? 

One of the most versatile items of any wardrobe is the black dress. Sure, it’s a go-to item for nighttime looks, but I’m really feeling like thinking outside the box today and put together a look for my daytime errands, which include work meetings and lunch with friends, with a piece that I usually rely on for after the sun sets: my black dress from Express! 👗

So today’s OutFIGHT of the Day will explore how to wear a black dress to work and other daily errands!  👇

I really love this dress because it’s super easy to wear – it’s got frills that give it a hint of charm but aren’t overpowering, and being tied around the waist makes it really feminine and versatile.

how to wear black dress work 1

Since the idea here is getting through daily errands, I decided to put on my leopard print UGG flats. Not only are they super cute, but they’re really comfortable and I absolutely love the print – it’s great to mix with other patterns! But I felt that I was really missing some heels here, something that made this look a little more grown up, ya know!?

how to wear black dress work

So I changed into my new red python boots from Animale and WOW! Love it! Guys, I am totally obsessed with these boots. I got them a few weeks ago and they literally have not left my feet. These are for sure this winter’s biggest star… and this look’s, too!

how to wear black dress work

I feel that for any dressier look a jacket is essential, even if you’re in Brazil and winter isn’t cold at all. Have the jacket for getting in and out of meetings. Since none of my meetings were super formal, I decided to go for my metallic leather jacket from Ellus and OMG, girls, I LOVE this look. Like, a lot! But I think we can all agree that it’s not really appropriate for work events, even if they’re not really formal, right? So black dress + metallic jacket + python boots = save for later! 

how to wear black dress work

So I changed into a structured white jacket from A.Brand and now we’re talking business!  The square shoulders and textured fabric gave the whole look a more professional feel, plus the combination of colors here is fantastic!

how to wear black dress work

I got a sparkly snake bracelet as a gift from John John a couple of days ago and I’ve been dying to wear it! Since I work with fashion anyway, I think its ok to throw in touches of boldness, and that’s exactly what’s happening here. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?!

how to wear black dress work

I finished everything off with art decoish earrings from Asos and a Burberry tote, plus some rings from Vivara, Arezzo, Asos and an old wedding ring my grandfather used to wear. ❤️ Check out the details in the gallery below:

The final look came out like this:

como usar vestido preto no dia a dia final


Plus, we made a Making Of video! Yay!


What’d you guys think?! Like it? Do you also take your little black dresses and adapt them for work or daytime errands?

Leave your comments below and help me spread the love by sharing this post! 😜

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Kisses! 😘

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