OutFIGHT of the Day: how to wear a beanie with a dressy look

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Last week I was invited to a party called Healthy Hour where there would be healthy food, good drinks and, of course, a lot of socializing. The day was rainy and cold (believe it or not, winters are pretty chilly here in São Paulo!) and when it came time to get dressed, all I knew was one thing: I wanted to wear a beanie! After all, the rain had already turned my hair into an absolute disaster. ? There was only one issue: I’d have to find out how to wear a beanie with a dressy look, since this is a nighttime event we’re talking about. I picked out an off-white beanie and off we go!

I love wearing shorts and tights (beats pants any day!), so I put together a look with my black lace shorts from H&M, black tights, ankle boots from Schutz and a striped top from Urban Outfitters. I liked the ideia of the whole thing, but I didn’t love the lace shorts with this outfit – it’s high waisted and doesn’t have a waistband, and didn’t look all that great with only the front part of the top tucked in (which, by the way, is a styling trick I LOVE!).

how to wear a beanie with a dressy look

I traded in lace for leather with the pair from InTwo and it turned out much better! Notice how the front-only tuck-in is much dressier with shorts that have a waistband.

how to wear a beanie with a dressy look

I decided to add a thick belt to the look, just to add a little bit of charm. These super thick belts are an absolute hit for the winter, plus, I love mixing black + brown.

how to wear a beanie with a dressy look

To beat the cold I’d need a coat, and I can’t help it if I’m naturally drawn to shiny things! I put on the sequined black jacket from InTwo and I LOVED the look, but unfortunately I had second thoughts because I would be filming at the party and the sequins wouldn’t work very well on camera. Either way, I’m definitely keeping the jacket in mind for a future OutFIGHT.

how to wear a beanie with a dressy look

I changed into my black trench coat from Maria Filó and now we’ve got an outfit fit for a party on a cold, rainy day. I like!

how to wear a beanie with a dressy look

I was definitely feeling the look with the beanie but I still felt like something was missing, so I took a leopard-print scarf and tied it around my neck, because who would ever say no to mixing prints, amiright?

how to wear a beanie with a dressy look


To finish everything off I threw on my Fendi bucket bag (obsession!), some rings from Bvlgari, Asos and Vivara and all set! Check out the details in the gallery below:


The outfit with a beanie came out like this:

como usar gorro final


So, did you guys like the outfit? How would you wear a beanie for a dressier look?

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