OutFIGHt of the Day: how to style an all-white look

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There’s been a lot of talk about all-white looks for the summer (hello from scalding-hot Brazil!) and I admit that I’ve been dying to get into this trend from the moment I started seeing it around. One small issue: I gave away my only pair of white skinny jeans a few months ago and all of a sudden found myself left with a closet full of white tops and very few white bottoms to choose from.

Confronted with a white-less dilemma, I decided to give my light-jean circle skirt from American Apparel a try, paired with a very romantic crop top from Urban Outfitters. I really liked this outfit but this is obviously not an all-white deal we’ve got going on, and if we’re gonna go all-white, let’s go all-out!

how to style all-white look 1

I traded in the fake-white for a real-white, my H&M peplum skirt and now we’re talkign all-white! And even though we’ve got the color scheme down, I’m not feeling the peplum+super romantic top – a little overboard on the girliness for my taste!

how to style all-white look 2

To steer away from that direction I went for a gender-neutral basic white button-down and tucked it in to have the whole thing looking very sharp. That’s what I had in mind, at least, but it turns out the skirt is way too tight for that and all I ended up with what feels like more fabric inside my pants than Cristiano Ronaldo’s got in a Calvin Klein undies ad.

how to style all-white look 3

Here’s a rule for life: if it’s not working, tie it in a knot. And that’s exactly what I did and it worked wonders. I think we’ve got an all-white look coming together, huh?

how to style all-white look 4

I like the idea of loading an all-white look with colorful accessories, and I have a bunch of colored things in mind for this one. That being said, I think its best to go for neutral-colored shoes so I can really play with everything else. I chose the beige fringed sandals from Drumond.

how to style all-white look 5

And so, color! Turquoise necklace from Antropologie, light blue leather bracelet from Santa Lolla, turquoise bracelet from Urban Outfitters,  Aldo bag and a whole lot of rings!

My all-white look came out like this:

como usar look all-white final


I’m wearing: 
H&M skirt
Città blouse
Drumond Shoes
Anthropologie Necklace
Santa Lolla leather bracelet
Urban Oufitters bracelet
Aldo Sunglasses
Aldo Bag

So, what do you think of going all-white? Did you like the result? Leave your comments below!

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