Fourth of july outfit ideas: looks that go well with hotdogs and fireworks

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Fourth of July outfit ideas- top

Do you know what to wear on 4th of July yet?

I really love Independence Day parties… 4th of July outfits, not so much! See, I really like the idea of looks that are subtly patriotic, but most of the outfits I see just end up being a very tacky, walking flag.

Why not put together a 4th of July look that just hints at the flag and gets heads turning at the same time? Here are some ideas! 👇

Go for solid colors


Fourth of July outfit ideas

Just because the Flag is all stripes and stars doesn’t mean you have to turn into the Star-spangled Banner on the 4th of July. Sometimes just getting the colors down on your look can have a much bigger impact!


Let the stripes do the talking


Fourth of July outfit ideas - stripes

Stripes are super versatile, and they let you honor the flag without looking like one! Wear them with the other colors of the flag in solid articles of accessories and create a perfect 4th of July outfit.

Mix prints


Fourth of July outfit ideas - mix prints

Stars and stripes aren’t the only way to go! Sometimes mixing in another print can be unexpected and really make your Fourth of July look pop! I love the leopard print!

Trade in stars for polka-dots


Fourth of July outfit ideas - polka dots

Stars are really obvious, but you can get the same American feel by replacing them with polka-dots! Plus, pois is super chic, perfect if your 4th of July celebration is kind of a big deal.




Fourth of July outfit ideas - accessories

Hats, scarves, bags or statement sunglasses… doesn’t matter! Accessories take any outfit up a notch, and are the perfect way to upgrade from a Fourth of July look to a super stylish outfit.

Tone down the flag


Fourth of july outfit ideas

All that being said, sometimes flags actually can be cute! The idea here is to tone down the flag piece and focus on more non-patriotic elements like accessories. See how the turquoise necklace and brown bag do the trick?


So, what’d you guys think? Get any ideas for your Fourth of July looks? What are you gonna wear? Leave a comment below and share this post!

Kisses!  😘

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