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Hello, Lovies!

Today is a very exciting day for me because it is the launch of the shiny, brand new English version of my brazilian fashion blog – Levitando! Some of you already know me from the time I lived in the US, and others follow my crazy life on Instagram. And hopefully I’ll make a whole lot of new friends around here every day! I can’t wait to share all my adventures and get to know every one of you better!

But before we get started, let me introduce myself properly 👇

Luciana Levy (hi, that’s me!) is a jet-setting, country-hopping citizen of the world. After having spent twelve years living in Miami – that’s nearly half of my life – I’ve now come (temporarily!) back to my hometown of São Paulo, Brazil, where I keep my stuff but use mostly as a base for my travels. Can’t really keep me pegged anywhere.

I’m in love with people, places and experiences, and I’m convinced that all the best things in life happen after the sun sets.

Communicator by degree, marketer by career and adventurer by heart, today I am a founding parter at Peplum, a digital marketing agency, and collaborator for online publications such as Confeitaria and E aí, Beleza, as well as mother of my one true love, this little blog, which I named Levitando as a quirky little play on my last name, Levy. By the way, Levitando translates to Levitating, which seems like a pretty fun thing to do, doesn’t it?

In fact, playing with words is one of those things I just can’t help doing, and you will often find cheesy cute play on words around here. Speaking of which, one of these is actually what really got the blog going. You see, fashion blogs need looks and outfit posts, but when I first started out I felt like these were just more of the same stuff that’s seen all over the internet. I wanted to do something different, and that’s how the OutFIGHT of the Day was born. I’ll explain.

See, I love sharing my fashion creations. Sometimes they come out awesome and sometimes not so much, but that’s the best part… we learn from our hits and misses, and if we’re smart, with other peoples’ too!

I see A LOT of looks around the internet and I absolutely love seeing what these super stylish girls come up with – even if sometimes it’s something not-so-hot. The thing is, nobody wakes up every single morning with the perfect outfit picked out in their head. Everytime I get dressed I try on a million different articles of clothing, and to get to my *perfect* outfit is literally a daily fight with my closet. So I decided to not only show you my final look of the day, but the whole step-by-step process of it. OutFIGHT of the Day, get it?!

Around here you’ll also find a bunch of fashion news, style tips and lots of info on beauty, fitness, clean eating and travels. Plus some of my ramblings. Why not? I really, really hope you love visiting Levitando as much as I love making it. Let’s do it!

Oh, you can also connect with me through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Snapchat (lucianar). Are you guys ready to Levitate with me?! Leave a comment below and if you like what you see so far, help me spread the love and share this post! So excited!

Kisses! 😘

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