Boy at the OutFIGHT: boyfriend dresses me for meetings on a chilly day

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namorado escolhe look do dia

This is how things work around here: you ask, I make it happen. And you asked for the return of the Boy at the OutFIGHT, that glorious day of the week when my boyfriend dresses me and I’m at the mercy of this good (or bad) sense of style!

So now it’s official: my boyfriend will pick out my outfit once a week, and since we’re all familiar with the OutFIGHT of the Day, this is gonna be the Boy at the OutFIGHT.

I had a pretty simple brief for him: cold day, meetings, lots of running around. And he definitely took the “cold day” part to heart and picked out my burgundy corduroy jacket (or, according to him, “purple”) from Guess before anything else. He then went over to the shirts section of the closet and thought out loud, “has to be white.” I asked him why the need for white and his answer was just “because it’s simple.” Okay, then. In the end, he didn’t hold on to the white thing so much and picked out a blue pin-striped button-down shirt from Banana Republic.

And the came the hard part: he decided that given the low temperatures of this Brazilian winter, the bottom part had to be a pair of pants… but which? “Stripes and plaid no way,” he murmured. Obviously we don’t share the same views regarding mixed prints!

“Purple, white, and… grey!” He grabbed my wide-leg pants from Le Lis Blanc and smiled in satisfaction.

“You want me to go out barefoot, baby?” I asked, and all the satisfaction was immediately washed away and replaced by despair. I decided to help him out and explain that super long pants like the ones he’d chosen called for very high heels.

“Hummm…” He peered into the shoe closed and picked out my colorful printed platforms from Aldo. “These are the highest heels I could find.” And that, my friends, is how you make a man forget all about his determination to not mix prints. hahaha!

The result was a business-casual look with unexpected touches, such as the all-out shoes and corduroy jacket.
namorado escolhe look do dia-2

namorado escolhe look do dia-4

namorado escolhe look do dia-3

And I liked it! I ended up wearing my glasses and thought it worked really well with the outfit he picked out

What did you guys think? Not bad for a boy, right?

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