Boy at the OutFIGHT: boyfriend chooses my outfit for a VERY hot day

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namorado escolhe look do dia_-2

There were rumors going around that today would be the hottest day in the history of São Paulo and coincidently, its also Boy at the OutFIGHT day! Let’s see if my boyfriend can pick out an outfit that doesn’t make me die of heat exhaustion!

Those of you who follow me on Snapchat (lucianar) saw the Boy at the OutFIGHT live and know that my only demand was for a very fresh look. “I want to see you in a dress, then,” he said, and started going through my closet. He looked at a few options but settled on my black and white printed dress from H&M – “You like?,” he asked.

I wouldn’t say this is the absolute best dress for the hottest day of the year, given that it’s got two layers of fabric and fits pretty smugly on the body, but he gets an A for effort so I agreed to wear it.

He went on: “Dresses need to be worn with heels!” (Do they? I wasn’t aware. LOL) “And since it’s such a hot day, let’s make them open-toed heels.” He picked out my blue sandals from Schutz and I liked it! Not only do I love these shoes but I’m also a huge fan of wearing Klein blue with black.

“I read on your blog that thick belts are a trend, so wear this!” Aww, he reads my blog even though he has no interest in fashion! How could I decline? Besides, he’s right, thick belts are all the rage.

He handed me the belt, gave me a kiss, and rushed out the door. I decided to add my blue and white rope necklace from H&M and this is what the outfit came out like:

namorado escolhe look do dia_-2

namorado escolhe look do dia_-2

namorado escolhe look do dia_-2

namorado escolhe look do dia_-2

I’m wearing:
H&M dress
belt from my personal collection
Schutz sandals
H&M necklace

Do you guys like it!? I think he did REALLY well this week!

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Beijos! ?

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