Boy at the OutFIGHT: boyfriend choses another look of the day

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boyfriend chooses look of the day

What if your boyfriend picked out your outfit? Would he do a good job?

My boyfriend has been doing a remarkable job of dressing me, and I’m nearly just asking him to do it every day! LOL!

Last week I told you guys I hadn’t exactly loved the outfit my boyfriend picked out for me, so this week he came back with clear determination to pick out a look of the day I would like.

He had very clear instructions: an easy Friday with no meetings, a date with my hairdresser and lunch with a girlfriend. Casual. Nothing fancy.

Check out what he picked out! 👇

He went right for my plaid button-down from Urban Outfitters. “I like you in plaid,” he said, “plus, it works well with the cold weather.”

I liked the choice straight away! I love this shirt and it’s been a very long while since I’ve worn it. Plus, it very much fit my briefing.

Next, he (coincidently) picked out my favorite pair of jeans from Ellus. I’m not a huge fan of jeans and I rarely wear them, but when I do, these are the ones.

Continuing beautifully with picking out a casual outfit, my Boy went into my shoe closet and brought out my spiked boots from Schutz.

You know, this whole boyfriend-picking-out-my-outfit thing really impresses me! He just goes right into the closet and boom! comes right back out with something picked out. No hesitation, just straight decisions. We’ve got a lot to learn from these boys! (Or not, right? If we did, there would be no OutFIGHT of the Day!)

Lastly, he asked me to bring out my Bebe faux-fur vest. He said he’d seen me wear it one of these days and that he’d kept it in mind for the next Boy at the OutFIGHT. Cute!

I put it on and this is what it all looked like:

boyfriend chooses look of the day

boyfriend chooses look of the day

boyfriend chooses look of the day

boyfriend chooses look of the day

I picked the earrings and lipstick myself. H&M earrings and Flat Out Fabulous lipstick from MAC. 

So, what’d you guys think? I’m thinking my Boy really has a knack for this! 😜

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Kisses! 😘

  • Danielle Bodzin
    22 de julho de 2015

    Not bad Leo!!! Time for you to make a blog about dressing him now 😉

    • Luciana Levy
      Danielle Bodzin
      22 de julho de 2015

      LOL, he’s really got a knack for it, right?! 😛 LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing you around here! <3

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