Boy at the OutFIGHT: “Is this thing wearable?”

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Boy na Luta-2

So what happens when your boyfriend picks out something for you to wear that he’s not even sure that it’s wearable?!? 

That’s what happened today! Basing himself on the premise that today would be a very hot day, he opened my dress closet (I’ve mentioned before that for him, hot day = dresses, right?) and started looking around. He took out a very old Bebe dress and said: “I like this print, but is this thing wearable? I don’t get it!” LOL.

The thing is, the dress is made of very light, flowy fabric that drapes all over, especially at the shoulders, so I had to walk him through where the head and arms go. Once firmly assured that the thing was meant for wearing indeed, he moved onto footwear.

He took out a very strappy yellow pair of sandals from Calvin Klein and placed them next to the dress, then mumbled to himself: “That doesn’t match.” He then went on to my Santa Lolla pumps and seemed satisfied with the results. And I was too. Love it!

Finally he decided that since this was a very loose dress, a belt at the waist would do wonders for my figure. And how about that! I’d never thought of wearing a belt with it so I figured why not?

And I liked the results. This is what it looks like:

Boy na Luta-3

Boy na Luta-4

Boy na Luta-5

Boy na Luta-6

Boy na Luta-7

Boy na Luta-8

Boy na Luta

How about you, girls? What’d you think of this Boy at the OutFIGHT? Would you wear this dress with the belt as he suggested, or without?

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