Boy at the OutFIGHT: “Is this tiny piece of cloth actually clothes?”

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I nearly died laughing with my Boy picking out my outfit this morning!

He started out with no great adventures – went over to my closet and, as is becoming routine for him, picked out a skirt. In fact, I was very happy with the skirt he picked out, which happened to be one I had made a few years ago.

Once that was done, he went over to the shirts section of my closet and took out a gray t-shirt with a skull printed on it, but placed it next to the skirt and sighed, “doesn’t work”. I couldn’t argue – it really made no sense! So he started to take out my tops, one by one, until he came upon a nude little piece. He opened it up and said, “Is this clothes?! It’s ridiculously tiny!”

I told him that it was indeed clothes, more specifically a crop top from American Apparel, and he cried, “impossible!”. He grabbed the top and took it over to his closet, where he took out a pair of his undies and placed both pieces side by side: “Shut up! My briefs are bigger than you shirt!” hahahaha

The top is in fact very small, but it also happens to be one of my favorites and I have it in a wide array of different colors. “You’ll have to prove that this is actually clothes. Done!”

He then picked out my embroidered sandals from Nine West and said, “There! Let’s see!” hahaha!

I finished the look off with big earrings from H&M and a thick chevron bracelet from Aldo.

My outfit came out like this:

boy na luta-4

boy na luta-2

boy na luta-3  boy na luta-5

boy na luta-8

boy na luta-11

boy na luta-12

boy na luta-13

boy na luta


I’m wearing:
Skirt from my personal collection
American Apparel crop top
Nine West sandals
H&M earrings
Aldo bracelet

And I loved it! Despite my Boy’s doubts about my stuff actually being clothes, I think he did  pretty good job!

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