Boy at the OutFIGHT: boyfriend dresses me for a casual friday

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namorado escolhe look do dia-2

Today I found out that wearing black to important meetings is strictly prohibited. Did you guys know this? Neither did I! hahaha! But if he says so….

Today’s brief was: a casual Friday with a single important meeting and then, let the weekend begin!

Since I had mentioned an important meeting, he opened my closet and said “anything but black!” I asked why and he said that black was bad luck for business, so if the meeting is important we better steer clear of it. I don’t entirely agree with his theory, but I decided to play along. He picked out a bright salmon blouse from YouComm.

He asked if jeans were acceptable for the meeting and I explained to him that yes, even though the meeting is important for me, the workplace is quite casual. So he picked out a pair of skinny jeans from Ellus and I was very pleased. My favorite pair!

When it came time to pick out my shoes he noticed a pair he had never seen before. “New?” I told him I’d found them forgotten in the back of my closet. “Done!” Another hit for him – I’m currently obsessed with these snakeskin gladiators from Aldo.

Finally, he asked what I thought of a blazer and I answered that blazers are ALWAYS welcome. “Blazers are good for business!” Another weird theory, but again, I went along with it. He picked out a black-and-white striped piece from Uruguayan designer Daniel Cassin and helped me into it. “Wasn’t black out of the question?” I asked. “It’s just a few stripes, you’ll be fine!” LOL. Men.

The look my boyfriend picked out for today came out like this:

namorado escolhe look do dia-7

namorado escolhe look do dia

namorado escolhe look do dia-8

namorado escolhe look do dia-3

namorado escolhe look do dia-6

namorado escolhe look do dia-5


I liked it a lot! How about you guys? Leave your comments below and share this post! Who knows, maybe your Boys will get inspired! ?

beijos! ?

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