OutFIGHT of the Day: Black & White look that matches my hometown

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look preto e branco externo-14

Have you even put together a look only to realize that in the end you’ve got a super thematic thing going on?

This is what happened in my last OutFIGHT of the Day! I felt like wearing my black and white printed dress from H&M and by the time I had tried on a gazillion things and finished my look, I realized I looked very much like a poster-child for my hometown, São Paulo, all decked out in black, white and red. And it was completely accidental!

Check out the step-by-step:

It all started when I saw the dress hanging there in my closet, and it looked very sad because I hadn’t worn it in a very long while. I decided to make its day by taking it out for some sunlight. (Ok, I realize my relationship with my clothes is a little bit deranged. LOL)

black and white look

Once I put it on and decided that I’d continue with it, I moved right onto shoes. (OMG, shoes! Remember that?) I put on my spiked booties from Agatha that I absolutely love – they’ve got a rock’n’roll feel that I can’t resist, but they’re a bit warm, just like winter in Brazil.

black and white look

So I changed into my personalized Converse All-Stars and fulfilled a desire I’ve been having for a while now: pair a dress with sneakers. This has been a thing for a couple of seasons now, but for some reason I just hadn’t been able to get into it. Finally, the time has come!

black and white look

A light jacket is essential, both for facing that little night breeze and as an excuse to mix some prints! I tried on the bomber jacket from Zara with the tiny star print but I felt that it sort of got lost among the tiny print of the jacket too. Not good.

black and white look

So I went for my striped blazer from Uruguayan designer Daniel Cassin and loved it! It was exactly what I needed: a heavier print to contrast with the tiny one from the dress. Plus, the vertical prints next to the horizontal prints had a nice impact, and the coral red detail on the rolled up sleeved was a nice touch.

black and white look

I decided I’d put on a belt to make my waistline more evident, and went for the beaded one from Isabel Marant because it’s the perfect mix of white and black and red, just like the whole rest of the outfit. Perfect!

black and white look

I finished everything off with my red Candy Bag from Furla, big tiger ring from H&M and sun earrings from Asos. Check out the details in the gallery below:

The final look came out like this:

look preto e branco final

look preto e branco externo-3

look preto e branco externo-5

look preto e branco externo-7

look preto e branco externo-21

look preto e branco externo-9

look preto e branco externo-6

look preto e branco externo-10

look preto e branco externo-11

look preto e branco externo-13

look preto e branco externo-16

look preto e branco externo-17

look preto e branco externo-18

look preto e branco externo-15

look preto e branco externo-19

look preto e branco externo-12

look preto e branco externo-20

look preto e branco externo-22

look preto e branco externo-23

look preto e branco externo-24

look preto e branco externo-8

look preto e branco externo-4

Looking a lot like the São Paulo flag, huh!? Hahaha!


What did you guys think? Like the black and white outfit? How would you wear the printed dress?

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