5 tips to eat out without ruining your diet #MondayBunday

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tips to eat out without ruining your diet

Do you ever wonder if it’s possible to diet AND have a life? 

But of course it is, lovies! As you all my know from my Instagram, I am always on a diet, but I’m also eating out and enjoying life like crazy. No unattended-to cravings around here! That’s why I decided to put together some of my best tips and secrets for eating and drinking out without completely ruining my diet. ?

5 tips to eat out without ruining your diet


1) Chose one of three

tips to stay in diet when dining out1

I’ll admit it, I’m all about the bread basket with a nice wine and dessert to finish off my meal, but in truth these are huge villains when it comes to dieting. But since I don’t want to give any of them up completely, I’ve got a golden rule for dining out: Chose either the bread basket OR the wine OR the dessert, never two or all three. This way you don’t have to deprive yourself of anything – one night you pick the bread, drink water and skip dessert, the other night you avoid the baked goods and the alcohol, but go all out on dessert, and so on.

2) Perform food surgery

tips to stay in diet when dining out

Almost everything I eat out goes through some sort of procedure: I remove the pizza crusts, take off chunks of bread from my hamburgers and eliminate nearly half the rice on each piece of sushi. Some people might see this as wasteful, but I see it as a way to keep myself skinny while satisfying my Boy’s need for more food, given that he always ends up eating my leftovers anyway. LOL! But trust me on this one, these calories that come off here and there really add up!

3) Leave some behind

tips to stay in diet when dining out

Portions served at restaurants are pretty much always way bigger than what we need to survive, let alone stay slim! So think of it this way: a restaurant serving of lasagna has around 900 calories (and its HUGE!). If you eat only half of it, you cut down your intake to 450 calories, which is not that much more than a nice, balanced, portion-controlled meal. If you end up eating two-thirds of it, that’s 600 calories, still a lot less than the full 900, right? You don’t have to deprive yourself of all things yummy, just don’t abuse it!

4) Order water with lemon

tips to stay in diet when dining out4

I don’t even need to get into how soda is horrible for you and how fruit juices are full of empty calories and sugar, right? So switch all that out for some water with lemon. Not only is it yummy and super refreshing, it’s also rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Plus, it lowers the glycemic index of foods, which means your body will store less fat at every meal.

5) Make smart choices

tips to stay in diet when dining out

Remember the lasagna? Well, come people simply can’t cut back on portions, and if this sounds like you, then you’re probably better off not ordering it at all. If you’re not good at moderation, avoiding fried things, sauces, cremes and pastas is your best bet. Smarter choices include grilled lean meats like chicken and fish or raw items (think sashimi, tartare, ceviche, carpaccio…) with veggies and whole grains.


Even with some super valuable tips on eating out without ruining your diet, it’s worth remembering that nothing beats a nice home-cooked meal. Use these instead for the occasional night out, alright?

So what did you guys think? Do you also have some tips and tricks for eating out without ruining the diet?

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