My Double Life

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Fact: I work twice as much as other creators. I’ll explain:

To achieve some of my business goals I’ve been focusing A LOT on the US market, being that I first built an audience – a really amazing community! – in Brazil, where I’m originally from.

But I grew up in the States and I want to be connected to you as well.

I’m so passionate about having helped hundreds of thousands of people reach their online business goals overseas that it feels only natural to do the same with the people who share my childhood references, my generational inside jokes, my education, and so much of this culture that has become my own.

And for that, of course, I could’ve done a total switch and moved on to creating content only in English, but my gut feeling didn’t let me.

So here I am: two YouTube channels, one in Portuguese and one in English, all captions and stories in both languages, constant translation of all my products, and a life split between New York and São Paulo.

In the same way that I can’t ignore my Americanness, I can’t let go of my Brazilianness (making up words now, are we?) and I don’t want to.

I decided embrace this double-life that is so uniquely mine. It doesn’t matter that I have to do two times the work because I live two times the life. How lucky I am!

Once I decided that my content, my art, and my life deserve to be (and will benefit from being) as American as it is Brazilian (and vice-versa), things have just been falling into place.

Last week I closed a deal in the US that I’m SO excited about with a global company that was founded in Brazil because of my double life, not in spite of it.

And when I got off work, as I was walking (let’s be honest, dancing) down Bleecker Street, a Brazilian song blasted words that couldn’t make any more sense to me at the moment: “I have been thinking that God is Brazilian and walks next to me”.

We’ll save what “God” is to me for a different post but for now, I want to know:

What are two different but complementary things about your life? When did you embrace them, as opposed to resist them?

I would love to hear your story!


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