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Essential Influencer Equipment

I thought it would be fun to do a rundown of the equipment I use to create all my content, so here’s all the gear I use for all the work I do on the blog, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc.

Breaking news: A cell phone and a bunch of Apps are just not enough to become a successful influencer. I will show you my camera, tripod, my favorite case, and more! Everything that my team and I use behind the scenes to create the best content for you! Interested? Come with me!



My precious Canon! With this camera, I take most of my pictures. It’s super light, the design is elegant, just the way I like it, and it fits perfectly in my hands. It gets better, it has Wi-Fi (also Bluetooth), so I can share my photos with my phone, computer or social media instantly! I don’t always do that because some photos need editing, but I can’t deny that this feature comes in handy sometimes.

I’m also an absolute sucker for the 32mm lens that I use on it, and I have barely used any other lenses since I got it. It’s really luminous and makes that amazing bokeh effect with blurry backgrounds. Gorgeous!


You thought my voice was uber-powerful, didn’t you? Okay, it is. (Lol). But, I do have a little help. I use this mic to highlight my voice. It’s super easy to use, and it cancels any background noise. Can you imagine how much I love this equipment? It makes the videos I create for you so much better!

My pocket juice is a powerful portable charger that always saves my life, I can recharge my devices up to SEVEN times, it’s incredible. I rely so much on it, especially when I travel, between calls and meetings, my battery drains so fast, I NEED to have it with me all day every day!

Light, light, light! Without light, there are no photos, without photos, there is no Lu Levy (Lol!). 

Guys, my ring light is BIG, the biggest size you can find! You can imagine why right? Since I make a lot of videos, I need decent lighting equipment, do you agree? This light makes my life easier, and I am sure other professionals would agree with me. It has a dual-color temperature, so I can choose colder or warmer looks for my videos, which I love. It’s absolutely perfect to create all the content you guys watch and enjoy so much!


The one I use is Osmo Mobile 2. It’s a super light, portable stabilizer for smartphones, designed to shoot on the go. I can shoot smooth sequences of anything, anywhere, and the results are always amazing! It also has a lot of cool features, like panoramic, zoom, and even live streaming. If you, like me, love telling stories, this is the way to do it.


Having a nice camera and a good light is great, but what really makes your life easier is a good tripod! Using support to your phone or camera is perfect when you don’t have a photographer around. To be honest, even if you have someone taking your photos, a tripod will always be very useful because it reduces camera movement and improves picture quality. Tripods are also essential if you like shooting vídeos, for your Vlog, for example. I love and use mine all the time, I can choose different heights, and that’s a beneficial feature to have too.+

My iPhone is everything and more! It features a 6.5-inch super retina display, works super fast, and thousands of Apps are built only for the IOS operating system. I, particularly, like it better than Androids. The 12MP Dual Cameras and 7MP TrueDepth Front Camera are incredibly innovative and will definitely take your portraits to the next level. To summarize: high quality and the best resolution for your photos. Did I mention I love iPhones? Lol!

The Lumee Duo is my light-up iPhone case! It’s the best one out there, and it will help you to take high-quality photos with your phone. It has several light intensity options, so you can choose low, medium, or high, anyway… it’s a powerful light-up phone case for anyone who LOVES to take selfies.

I already mentioned I love my iPhone, but we need more than a phone to create all this content for you! What about my staff? Editorial calendars? Spreadsheets? Documents? Presentations? Let me tell you guys, this life is not that simple. My MacBook Pro takes my work to the next level! Excellent quality, best performance, the fastest processors ever, and most importantly: it never crashes! Have I thanked the technology yet? Okay, thank you technology, I love you too!

Now that you saw all my gear, you know that it is not just a smile, 3..2..1, and action, right? It’s hard to imagine that behind a  ̈simple ̈ video or photo, we have cameras, lights, tripod, a funny looking mic, etc.! It’s an investment you guys, but that’s my job and to deliver high-quality content I need all of this, so it’s totally worth it and I love it! Now tell me about you? What’s your routine, and which equipment do you use? I would like to know all about your set up! 

See you soon! 😉

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