9 Reasons to have a Kindle

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I’m an avid reader. I’ve always had two or three books on my end table that I was simultaneously reading. When I decided to get myself a Kindle, my biggest fear was to no longer have that fuzzy feeling of buying a new book and touching the hard cover, going through the pages and smelling that delicious book-smell each time I started a new read.

But as I began to travel more and more, carrying a bunch of books around became very impractical. And then I got a Kindle and never looked back! I’m as attached to it as I am to my physical books.

If you’re still in doubt, let me give you a couple of reasons to have a Kindle:


What I love most about my Kindle is how practical and convenient it is.The gadget has the perfect size and weight to hold and carry around in my bag. The fact that I can read under any light is also perfect. The option to change the font size based on what is more comfortable is equally awesome. Plus, the cases are super cute!

2)  It saves a ton of space

Having a huge, colorful bookshelf is truly wonderful, I’m not gonna lie. But having a Kindle saves me so much space! Let’s face it, not all books are worth displaying. I mean, a bunch of us probably read Fifty Shades of something but do we really want it in our living rooms? I think not.

A single Kindle device can store thousands of books, and that’s hard to do in an apartment, paticularly in New York!


Picking a single book to bring on a trip is no easy task. If it’s a great book we risk reading the whole thing in one flight. If it’s a dense read, it’ll become a dead weight for the full length of the trip. And then we decide to buy another one mid-travel and end up with a heavy suitcase and ruined corners. A nightmare that won’t happen if you travel with your Kindle, because it’s small, lightweight and easy to carry anywhere you go. Having all the books I’m reading simultaneously in one place makes everything so easy!

4)  It reduces eye tension

Unlike phones and tablets, the screen on Kindle doesn’t reflect any light, even under the sun. It’s like reading on paper, which means you won’t suffer from the damage of excessive exposure to blue light.

5)  Books are cheaper

Digital books are usually cheaper than physical books, which means you’ll pay off your Kindle in no time – especially if you usually buy books online and have the extra shipping cost. How great is that?!

6)  Read books for free

There are so many free books available out there! From classics to self-published, you can also read samples before you make a final purchase, which is just like going to a book shop. Most libraries also offer digital loans, meaning you can read for free without having to leave the house!

7)  It enriches your vocabulary

Kindle comes with built-in dictionaries so you can search for words as you read. You can download dictionaries in virtually all languages. And all the words you have searched for will be added to your Vocabulary Builder so you can remember them!

8)  No one needs to know what you’re reading

Say goodbye to strangers prying on your reads on the subway! If you you’re more of a private person, this is a big plus (especially if you’re still catching up on the Fifty shades of whatever and there are creepers around).

9)  Lend books and actually get them back

I bet you have lent out a book and never seen it again. It’s happened to all of us.

Well, Kindle has the perfect solution! You can lend books through its platform during a predetermined period. During that time, the book will be unavailable to you and will show up on your friends’ device. When time is up, it will come straight back to you!

Buying a Kindle was such a great investment, it really changed my life and my relationship with books. I thought there was going to be a transition period but I adapted immediately. I really never looked back. My Kindle is one of my most treasured possessions and I always have it with me.

And since it’s an Amazon product, I recommend you get yours there. I personally use Kindle Paperwhite, but if you’d like a more affordable option there’s also the E-reader (same resources minus the screen light). You won’t look back!

Now tell me, which is going to be your first Kindle book? Tell me in the comments below because I’m always looking for suggestions! xx


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