How to boost Stories views and engagement

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Instagram Stories are great to generate engagement! You don’t need to love being in front of the camera, the platform offers other features that will help you to enjoy the experience while taking advantage of it. 

Some of the features will help you engage and boost your profile so much!

Send your followers somewhere

An excellent way to explore this tool is to direct your followers to your profile, blog, Youtube channel, or to buy a product. Even if you don’t have the swipe up option yet, you can use some tricks to get around, check it out:

Link on bio: add a link on your bio to send your followers somewhere. Tag @yourself on an Instagram Stories, giving clear instructions about where and why are you sending your followers there.

Example: Have you watched my tutorial about Instagram face filters on my YouTube Channel? Go check it out! You will find the link on my bio —-> @lu.levy

@Tag brands: If you are promoting a specific brand (or not), send your followers to them, using their @tag. Chances are that the brand will repost your Story, and you might gain more views from their followers.

Promote other accounts (stick to your niche): Share a post that’s related to your niche from another account you like, something you think your followers will appreciate. Explain why are you sharing it, and don’t forget to @tag that account. You will again have higher chances to be promoted on their story, which can lead to more viewers, and possibly, new followers. 

Share a post from your own feed: Instagram has been increasing the power of stories for a while now, that’s not a secret. Nowadays, it happens a lot that posts on the feed sometimes pass unnoticed. Send your story viewers to your most recent post, use gifs, and NEW POST stickers to get their attention! This is an excellent call to action that will make people pause the ̈auto ̈ mode of watching stories and actually move to your feed and engage! Do this and check your analytics, works like a charm, trust me!

Explore new ideas

Check out some new and not so new – but useful – ideas below:

Finding your niche and focusing on one topic to start growing your audience is essential, but you also have to play with different ideas and sometimes show who is the person behind all of this.

Talk about other topics: promote something and observe the reaction of your followers. By doing this, you can learn more about your audience and see what else they are interested in, which will help you to play around creating different types of content. 

Share your behind the scenes: you can still talk about the same subject but try to create a more personal connection, an affective bond with those who follow you. This is how you build loyalty. Talking about business all the time can be a bit boring.

Experiment new designs: Make your Stories more attractive using apps and Instagram hidden hack and tools, such as rainbow text or adding transparency to photos. If you have fun creating content, your followers will have fun consuming it!


Show your flaws: IG Stories allow you to add your personal touch to your account, to keep it real, you know? Don’t you feel saturated with the ̈perfect life¨ people show on Instagram, sometimes? People like and want to see our imperfect life! There is even a comic aspect to it. Everyone makes mistakes every once in a while; by keeping it real and making fun of it, you will take a weight off your back when you make mistakes.

Ask for feedback

It only takes two taps on the screen to like a post on the feed, but even though people L-O-V-E giving their opinion about anything and everything they don’t always think it’s not worth to actually stop and write a full comment on a post. Stories exist to facilitate this kind of interaction. Using the poll tool, for example, with ONE tap on the screen, your followers can give their opinion on any subject you present.


So, remember all the tools you have available and use it: quiz, question tag, polls, chat. Interact with your followers as much as you can and build a relationship with your community!

Share content that your followers can relate

One of the biggest advantages of Insta Stories is that they are only available for 24 hours. Share something cute, like a meme, something that isn’t necessarily your type of content. Did it work? Keep doing this from time to time. Flopped? Not a problem! In 24 hours, this content will be gone, and you can try again (or not) in the future.

By doing this, you might find a different subject for a blog post or YouTube video, for example.

Even more, sharing content helps to build community. If you are publishing something from another account, make sure to interact with that profile too. Like, comment and mark who created that post. It’s a polite way to thank them for helping you to take a break of content creation <3.

Viral content tends to be repetitive. So, unless your profile was initially created to share news and memes, don’t overuse repost tactics; otherwise, your followers will get sick of your content and might unfollow you.

¨Be on the ball¨

Are the strategies working? Awesome! But don’t get too comfortable. Find your strengths and go further. Be interesting, be funny, do what you usually do but BE CREATIVE!

It’s essential to keep your community engaged, and whenever you have the chance, surprise them. Stay informed, post about what’s happening right now, in the world, but also in your environment. Show to your followers how all of these news are related to your niche and brand.

Find fun events or things that are happening, both online and offline and use them to your advantage from time to time. Something that your followers would probably like to know, and of course, that makes sense in the context of your content.

Did you like these tips? Leave a comment telling me which strategy do you think would work best with your audience. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram. Around there, I share daily tips on how to increase your engagement! Beijos! 


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The photos in this post were taken in São Paulo, Brazil.
Here are the outfit details:

Dress H&M
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Photos by Bruna Bento.




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