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Each platform has its own particularities. If you think it’s difficult to get it right when it comes to the ideal post length for each social network and which tone to use, you’re not alone! A lot professionals deal with the same issue. Especially given the ever-changing nature of social media, which are alway evolving and adapting in order to optimize (and increase) the amount of time users spend on them.

Towards the end of 2017, Twitter doubled its 140 character limit to 280, which was a huge change at the time. People were torn since some liked the succinct way of communicating. Others celebrated, because some things SIMPLY. DO. NOT. FIT. in two or three short sentences. Now it’s two years later and no one gives it a thought, which doesn’t mean the platform doesn’t have its own language–and shorter posts are usually more successful because they’re easier to read.

Whereas Instagram… an extremely visual tool… has been favoring longer captions more and more?? The explanation is simple: they love engagement! And longer captions make users spend more time inside the platform, using it at a discussion forum that connects people. Cute!

Now, Facebook: it is known for being the home of lengthy rants. But do people actually read them?

So today I’m going to tell you guys the ideal limits of characters for each social network including: Pinterest and Youtube!

Ideal number of characters per post on Facebook

The organic reach on Facebook has drastically dropped over the past couple of years for users with personal accounts, but especially for brands. So each post is competing with other thousands of posts on the network for the audience’s attention. And we know that people’s attention span grows shorts each day.

That’s why it’s necessary to do what we can to get the public’s attention and stand out in the middle of so much information

An ideal Facebook post has an average of 40 and 80 characters.

According to a study, posts with 40 characters or less have 86% more interactions. A different research says that posts with up to 80 characters have 88% more interactions than the ones that are longer–and more comments too!

Successful ads with images or videos normally have 18 words. So this should be your call to action.

Besides, Facebook has rules for the number of characters in the ads run in the platform. Check this out:



Character limits on ads with links or video on Facebook:

  • Text: 90 characters
  • Title: 25 characters
  • Description of the link: 30 characters


Character limits on carousel ads on Facebook

  • Title: 25 characters

It’s also important to pay attention to the amount of text in the images you run in your ads. The amount of text can’t take more than 20% of the total space of the images. Before uploading your images you can run them by Text Overlay, a Facebook tool that will check that for you. Don’t forget to do that, otherwise you’ll risk your ad not being approved by the platform.

Character limit on Twitter: less is more

We’re all competing for attention on all social networks, and Twitter is no exception. Learning how to say what we mean with less words is key. An ideal tweet has 71 to 100 characters. And this makes sense if we think that Twitter’s original goal was to be a microblogging platform. It really isn’t that hard, it all comes down to editing.

This is how a user reacted when Jack first announced the character limit increase on Twitter. She managed to edit his tweet, not leaving out any information, inside the original 140-character limit. Bold much?

Character limit on Instagram

As I said in the beginning, Instagram is a visual platform. Pictures and videos are what grab people’s attention. But what really makes them interact is what you have to say about them–especially on the feed. Beyond giving context, captions provide space to show who you really are and why you’re there. According to Facebook, the ideal length of an ad on Instagram is 125 characters. But that’s for ads…

As for me, I love storytelling. And when I post I go way beyond that limit, and I see a lot of influencers around the globe doing the same. It just… works! Why? Because I realized it’s a form of expression I like, it allows me to connect with me followers and engage with them.

Ideal number of hashtags per post on Instagram

Hashtags are great tools to connect with a community, increase engagement and get more visibility. It’s easy to go overboard so write it down: 5 hashtags per post is the sweet spot. Do not, I repeat, do not use more than 10, because your engagement will drop drastically.

Another life saving tip: do not use the same hashtags over and over again. It’s the easiest way to make your posts irrelevant. Have a list of hashtags that work for you and pick the more adequate ones for each type of post.

Hashtags also have an ideal number of characters–they should be less than 24-characters long each. Use longer hashtags and you’ll see your engagement drop.

IG character limit: cheat sheet

  • Captions: 2,200 characters
  • Bio: 150 characters
  • Username: 30 characters
  • Hashtag limit: 30 hashtags


Pinterest is the best place to browse away during our spare time. But did you know that it’s also an amazing traffic-generating tool for your website, Youtube channel and even Instagram profile? Which is why it’s so important to know the specificities of it.

You can use up to 100 characters to name each board, but only 17 of them will be visible. The rest of them will be hidden behind suspension points. So pay attention when organizing yours. The same goes for your username–only 20 characters will be visible.

The boards’ descriptions can’t be longer than 500 characters, but the same rule applies: less is more. Think like you’re tweeting!


Youtube is a major search engine, so put your SEO hat on when you’re creating titles and captions for your videos and playlists. The platforms allows up to 5,000 characters on video descriptions, but the ideal is to use up to 300. This way you give people a brief description of what they’re about to watch and are able to add necessary links, such as sponsored links and links to your other social media.

Youtube character limit: cheat sheet

  • Video titles: 70 characters
  • Video descriptions: 5,000 characters
  • Playlist titles: 60 characters
  • Youtube tags: 30 characters per tag, 500 tags total


Each platform serves a function, but your purpose is to use them well so you can stand out in the middle of all the information. The most important thing you can do is to know your audience well and how to speak to them. This, added to the tips I just gave you, will give you head start.

The current trend is to get people’s attention with fewer words and to direct the audience to where your content is.

Now don’t forget to leave a comment letting me know where your content is and what is your favorite social network. I want to know if this content was helpful to you! Can I do better next time? I’d love to hear from you guys!


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