wine glass iPhone case

Hey girlies, have you seen my new wine glass iPhone case?


Those of you who follow me on Instagram have seen it, and I’m completely obsessed with it!  And it seems like I’m not the only one, considering I got a flood of people asking me where I bought it. Sooo I’ll tell it all! 

The first time I saw this wine glass iPhone case (which, by the way, is SO me) was on someone’s Instagram account. I can’t remember whose, but I do remember going crazy over it and looking all over the internet for it. LOL!

I found a couple of different models, most of which had glitter or stupid little drawings on it, but I just wanted the plain one – clear with a wine glass on it.

wine glass iPhone case

Finally, I found mine on Amazon for $3.14, but before you buy, make sure you look around a lot – I saw the same exact wine glass iPhone case for sale on many different sites, some charging as much as $39!

Anyway, the case arrived last week and I’m loving it! I admit I wasn’t expecting anything great, given the price and all, but I found the quality to be pretty good! It’s made from hard plastic and it fits perfectly. 😛

Oh, and check it out, they come in a bunch of different drinks too! hahaha!

iPhone case iPhone case

But the wine glass one is the cutest, right?! 🍷

So, what did you guys think of my wine glass iPhone case? Pretty cool, right?

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Kisses! 😘


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