Easy breezy picnic in the park

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My Boy and I have been wanting to do something cute and different, just the two of us, since forever! I mentioned I’d really like a Paris-style picnic in the park #becausei’msuperchic and with that, we decided what our Saturday afternoon would look like.

I found a gorgeous picnic basket, like the ones in the movies, and he decided on the location: the São Paulo Botanical Gardens. I had never been there and I was actually pretty impressed with the place – it was exactly what we had in mind.

Of course the most important part of any picnic is what goes in the basket, and my friends at Ilka Bezerra Culinária had me covered on this one. They sent me a package full of delicious healthy snacks:

∴ Whole wheat rosemary bread with sea salt
∴ Gluten-free cornbread with guava
∴ Sugar-free banana loaf
∴ and a chocolate chip cookie because I deserve it! hahaha!

picnic no parque-27

To complement these, I added some fruit jams, brie cheese and some red wine(we are going for a French feel afterall!) perfect for the sunny but chilly day.

And it was magic, you guys! We ate really well, laughed in between bites and, of course, registered it all:

picnic no parque-22

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picnic no parque-37

picnic no parque-32

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picnic no parque-29

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Picnic no parque

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Here’s what I was wearing:

Dress: YouCom (similar here)
WearEver crop top (similar here)
American Apparel leather bra
Converse All-Star sneakers
Água de Coco scarf (similar here)
Zara sunglasses (similar here)
H&M earrings
Urban Outfitters necklace
Arezzo ring (similar here)
Fendi bag (similar here)


So, been on a picnic lately? What’d you guys think?! Leave a comment below and help me spread the love by sharing this post!

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