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This past Sunday was about as Sunday-y as Sundays get! LOL. My Boy and I woke up super late, chilled in bed for another hour until that crazy hunger hit us and decided to go out for a nice late lunch with ice cream for dessert and a good coffee afterwards.

The whole plan for the day was nice and easy, and I wanted my outfit to go down that same path. For days like these I usually pick out a flowy dress with sneakers or ballet slippers, and from the moment I opened up my closet, I knew this Sunday would be no different.

I knew I’d be going for a dress, but I wanted one that was very simple and comfortable – no buttons or zippers or anything fancy. I ended up choosing this one from Bebe, since I don’t even have to wear a bra with it! LOL.

sunday look 1

My Sunday laziness was so evident that I didn’t even want to deal with shoe laces, hence my decision to go with my leopard print slippers from UGG. Plus, prints are always a good way to liven up an otherwise boring outfit, right?

look de domingo 2

And since I already had one print, why not add another? I picked out my flowery kimono from WearEver and loved this mix. Flowers + leopard is one of my favorites!

sunday look 3

It seems I can’t ever get enough of mixing prints, so I decided to add yet a few more to the mix with my clutch from Aldo. I love this bag with this kimono, they go so well together!

sunday look 4

I’m aware that this outfit has A LOT of prints going on, but it all boils down to the fact that everything has black as a base. Notice that all the prints have a black background and that the dress serves as a canvas for everything. This is the secret to mixing prints without going out looking like a clown!

I finished everything off with a big necklace from Urban Outfitters, vintage earrings, zebra bracelet from H&M and a big Murano glass ring.


The final look came out like this:

look de domingo com muitas estampas

I’m wearing: 
Bebe dress
WearEver kimono
UGG slippers
Urban Outfitters necklace
H&M bracelet
Vintage earring from my personal collection

So, what did you guys think of this outfit? Leave your comments below and share this post!

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