Girls just wanna have FUNdamental human rights… and men’s pants! #Instagramlooks

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My Boy always tells me that one of the things he loved about me right away was the fact that I’m a feminist and yet still very feminine. And I always answer that one thing doesn’t cancel the other – in fact, it’s quite the opposite. I think every woman is (or should be!) a feminist, because being a feminist simply means being a woman who believes that women should have the same rights as men: respect, opportunities, equal pay, etc.

But this is not a post about feminism. It’s a post about men’s pants which I, as an empowered woman, feel very good about wearing. In fact, I love wearing men’s clothes in general and never ever do I feel less feminine because of that. And it’s a question of feminism: if they can wear it, so can I! LOL.

And these masculine pants from American Apparel make me feel very, very powerful, particularly when I wear them with ultra-feminine pieces to create an interesting look:







detalhes-7Photos: Dani Grandini

I’m wearing:
American Apparel pants
M.Officer blouse
Santa Lolla espadrilles
Maria Filó belt

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