7 reasons I love my AirPods, and why you will too

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When the very first AirPods were released back in 2016, it didn’t take more than a day to become a viral meme. In March 2019, Apple launched AirPods 2, featuring a new technology that enables the famous “Hey Siri” functionality. Some people still think that AirPods are unnecessary; they don’t trust wireless headsets yet or are just afraid of looking silly wearing them. Well, I am not one of those people, I am a big fan of AirPods – it changed my life – and I will tell you why!


Easy to connect and pair

If you already have a wireless headset, you understand how awful pairing over Bluetooth can be, being connected and disconnected from your devices is a pain. Apple solved this problem by developing its own W1 chip, which makes the connectivity better, faster and also improves the battery life of your headphones. To connect an AirPod to your iPhone, all you have to do is press a little button on the case/charger, and it’s done! 

The best part is that you just have to connect ONE of your devices to your AirPods and all other Apple devices will be connected automatically. 


AirPods knows which device you are using

Once you connect your AirPod for the first time with any of your Apple devices, the other ones will be automatically recognized through iCloud!

If you are like me and have an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and MacBook, you’ll never again have to worry about carrying and switching your wired headphones back and forth. Oh! Better yet, you can say goodbye to scrolling that awful endless list of Bluetooth devices. What a relief, right?
AirPods are so freaking smart that it knows which device you are using at all times. Hence it will automatically switch from your iPhone to your MacBook if you are moving from place to place, for example.

That means you are free to move around and still be connected to whichever device you are using. You can answer a phone call on your iPhone while using your computer to write a blog post and then go out to the gym with your Apple Watch listening to your favorite song without even thinking about headphones. Not bad, huh?



They also work with Android devices

AirPods are equipped with dual optical sensors, accelerometers, micro-batteries, W1 chips, and a microphone. All of this works together to give you THE BEST experience. The sensors detect how are you using the gadgets, so as soon as you put them in your ear, it identifies the device, and you will hear a tone telling you about the connectivity. Awesome, right?

And if you’re using a non-Apple device, you can manually pair it using Bluetooth.


They are socially intelligent

Ok, that's a LIE! But it's almost as if they were.

If you’re listening to your music or to a podcast and someone comes to talk to you, all you have to do is take one of the pods out of your ear to pause the audio. Done chatting? Put the Pod back in and your song will start playing again, automatically. More polite and educated than some people I know, Lol*

If you decide to use a single Pod, it will automatically switch from stereo to mono.


AirPods charge very fast

Apple says that AirPods battery can last up to 5 hours. Probably, the only time I can listen to music non-stop for five FULL HOURS is when I am on a plane going to another country. I might agree that the battery could last longer, but looking at the bright side, it only takes 15 minutes of charge to get another 3 hours of battery life. It is incredibly fast!


AirPods stay in the ear

That's kind of funny because people think that because it’s wireless, AirPods will drop all the time.

From my own experience, I need to say that the cords were always on my way, bothering every single movement. I am 100% sure that when you use wired headsets, they always get stuck in something; a drawer handle, an arrangement on the table, the treadmill in the gym. It sucks! With AirPods, you are free to move, and YES, it stays on my ears even when I’m running!


AirPods are cute!

Last but definitely not least: I think AirPods are super cute!

They have an appearance that resembles Apple products. Do you remember when iPods came out, and it was very fancy to have white headphones? And, suddenly, all companies started making white headsets too? I think AirPods are fashionable and chic; basically, the face of urban fashion sending the message to everyone that you are busy and important, Lol!

If all these reasons aren’t good enough, I can say more: AirPods have changed my life! I confess I was a bit lazy to wear my old headphones; because of that, I was barely listening to music and podcasts. Now, with my AirPods, I am always listening to something, and I will tell you something else, my creativity and productivity increased A LOT!

So… are you with me? Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks they are cute! Leave a comment below telling me all about your experience with AirPods, and how good it was to get rid of the ugly nightmare of cables and connecting Bluetooth devices.


Of course I love and recommend my AirPods, but I do realize that they’re a little bit pricey. Here are some more affordable alternatives:


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