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OutFIGHT of the Day: what to wear to play DJ?


What do you wear when you’re gonna DJ at a club? That is the question!

A few months ago I played at a party called Shuffle, organized by my friend Nath, and absolutely LOVED it. The party only has super fun pop music, the kind that everyone knows the words to and can’t help dancing, which was perfect for me since that’s exactly the kind of music I’d play anyway.

So last weekend the party turned two years old and Nath invited me do be DJ again, which caused me two very grand, life-changing questions: what would be in my setlist and what would I wear? I decided on the setlist with relative ease, but the question of what to wear was a real outFIGHT!

Last time I played I nearly became a puddle of melted sweaty grossness on the floor, so I decided to avoid that this time around. The energy up there is really incredible – there’s no stopping the dancing and jumping – so I needed something VERY airy and fresh to wear. I decided to go with a dress and opened up that part of the closet, only to be confronted with a world of doubt. I thought about going for my cotton gray striped dress, but found it too casual. Then I considered my skin-tight flower print piece, but figured that was anything but airy. Finally, I laid eyes on my black H&M shift dress with a beaded neckline – perfect!

DJ look 1

To go with the dress, my first instinct was my gold strappy sandals from Animale and I LOVED it. But then I looked at it, it looked back at me and we agreed that a thin heel would be suicide on my feed and that the dancefloor would be murder for its delicate beauty. Better not, then.

DJ look 2

I changed into a bulkier pair, my thick-heeled gladiators from Aldo. It looked equally good but much more appropriate for the occasion.

DJ look 3

And just like that, with a good dress and a good shoe, you make a look! I threw on some accessories like my ear cuff and earrings from Asos, big ring from my collection, Tiffany ring and Asos phalange ring and that is that! Oh, and I’ve been crazy about this half-up bun ‘do lately – it’s perfect to tame my growing bangs. Check out all the details below:

The final look came out like this:

look final























I’m wearing:
H&M dress
Aldo shoes
Asos earcuff
Asos earring
Personal collection ring
Tiffany ring
Asos phalange ring
H&M bracelet
Fire it Up lipstick from MAC


Oh, and here’s my setlist, just in case you wanna get down! 😛


So what’d you guys think? Like the look? Leave your comments below!

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Kisses! 😘

OutFIGHT of the Day: how to wear a body chain with a crop top


We’re all well aware that body chains are all the rage amongst celebrities and fashionistas alike, right? 

Well, I bought mine recently and now I want to wear it all the time – with a bikini, over a dress and under a cropped top, which was today’s choice for the OutFIGHT of the Day. The occasion? A chill weekend in the country with my Boy, which included an antique car show, long walks along the old colonial buildings and of course, some good drinks once the sun went down! 😛🍹 So let’s get started and see how to wear a body chain with a crop top!

Since the idea from the very beginning was to wear a body chain under my cropped top, I chose one of my teeniest ones, the Oysho cutoffs that were once pajamas! With it I decided to put on my polka dotted high-waisted circle skirt from Urban Outfitters.

how to wear body chain with crop top 1

I then put on the body chain and it’s no wonder I’m obsessed right? It’s super cool and just the right amount of sexy! I got mine at Nasty Gal for only $12 and its already paid for itself, since I wear it so much. I just wasn’t thrilled with how it looked with the polka-dotted skirt. A little polluted, no?

how to wear body chain with crop top 2

I changed into a nearly identical, only solid, circle skirt from American Apparel, and the whole thing looks much better!

how to wear body chain with crop top 3

As for footwear, no doubt – boots! These are from Aldo and I LOVE them.

how to wear body chain with crop top 4

I finished everything off with a vintage Boucheron watch, Juicy Couture choker, big ring from Arezzo and little rings from Asos. Check out the details in the gallery below:

This final look came out like this:

























I’m wearing:
Oysho crop top
American Apparel skirt
Aldo boots
Nasty Gal Body Chain
Boucheron watch
Arezzo ring (large)
ASOS rings (small)
Juicy Couture choker


Like it? Have you caught the body chain fever as well? Leave your comments below and share this post if you like the OutFIGHT of the Day!

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Beijos! 😘

Boy at the OutFIGHT: he’s infected with “I have nothing to wear!”

boy na luta-10

Who has never taken a look at their closet and thought, “I’ve got nothing to wear?” 

This moment of tiny desperation was my main inspiration for creating the OutFIGHT of the day because I knew that just like me, women all over felt that they had nothing to wear. But I never imagined that men felt this way too, much less when picking out an outfit for their girlfriend! After all, the Boy at the OutFIGHT was a product of one of those days when, being late to go out, I cried that I had nothing to wear and he went into my closed and seconds later came out with a full outfit picked out.

This all changed, of course, this morning, when it came time for him once again to choose my look. He looked around for several minutes and sighed: “there’s nothing here that you haven’t work already.

HA! How things change!

After lots of searching around he finally emerged with a blue-and-red plaid skirt from American Apparel. After having chosen the skirt, though, his doubts seemed to persist. He took out a bunch of tops from my closet and put then back, until finally he asked me where he could find my Ramones crop top.

The shirt is black and white and I’m not a huge fan of mixing in black and white with other colors, particularly dark blues, but the rules of the Boy at the OutFIGHT are clear so I left him in control. And after choosing the top the rest came easily to him: black boots and black sequined jacket.

Woah! Sequins in broad daylight? Certainly not a kosher choice but I like his boldness and in the end I think it came out fun and modern:

boy na luta-6

boy na luta-11

boy na luta-4

boy na luta-7

boy na luta-8

boy na luta-9


I’m wearing:
American Apparel skirt
Opera Rock top
Aldo boots
Cafofo Chic sequined jacket


So what do you guys think? Would you go out in a sequined jacket during the day? Leave your comments below and share this post if you like the Boy at the OutFIGHT!

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Kisses! 😘