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Mary Poppins or girl plumber? #Instagramlooks


I have some articles of clothing in my closet that get me made fun of every time I wear them. Its inevitable! hahaha! And these jeans overalls are one of those articles. I literally walked into work today and got called a plumber! And it’s a little bit understandable: it’s got an elastic waist and it’s made of light blue jeans, similar do the color of a plumber’s uniform!

And to top it off, I stopped at this little shop with all of the umbrellas and all of a sudden I became a Mary Poppins/plumber hybrid. Awesome.

Anyway, I love this look anyway and I feel that with a few rules-of-thumb, it can work beautifully. First, you gotta have the big heels – I’m already short and things would get pretty out of hand if I wore these overalls with Converse, for example. LOL. Secondly, very feminine accessories make all the different, and put you on the Mary Poppins end of the spectrum with much more ease! Lastly, you gotta own it, man. If you wanna wear something different, go for it, but feel good in it! Great style comes with great courage. 😛






I’m Wearing:
American Apparel overalls
Aldo Shoes
M.Officer belt
Zuria jewelry

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Kisses! 😘

Girls just wanna have FUNdamental human rights… and men’s pants! #Instagramlooks


My Boy always tells me that one of the things he loved about me right away was the fact that I’m a feminist and yet still very feminine. And I always answer that one thing doesn’t cancel the other – in fact, it’s quite the opposite. I think every woman is (or should be!) a feminist, because being a feminist simply means being a woman who believes that women should have the same rights as men: respect, opportunities, equal pay, etc.

But this is not a post about feminism. It’s a post about men’s pants which I, as an empowered woman, feel very good about wearing. In fact, I love wearing men’s clothes in general and never ever do I feel less feminine because of that. And it’s a question of feminism: if they can wear it, so can I! LOL.

And these masculine pants from American Apparel make me feel very, very powerful, particularly when I wear them with ultra-feminine pieces to create an interesting look:







detalhes-7Photos: Dani Grandini

I’m wearing:
American Apparel pants
M.Officer blouse
Santa Lolla espadrilles
Maria Filó belt

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Kisses! 😘

OutFIGHT of the Day: let’s flaunt that tattoo!

namorado escolhe o look-5

Is there anything better than rolling around in bed with the Boy? If there is, I am not aware!

And today while we did just that, my Boy decided to get all cozy with my tattoo, which he hasn’t done since I came home with it! He touched it, looked at it, talked about and when I reminded him that today was Boy at the OutFIGHT day he said, “well then, we shall make this tattoo the start of the whole thing!”

We headed to my closet and I pointed out all my tops that have a side opening big enough to show the tattoo. Without hesitation he went for the pink and said, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in pink!” In fact, pink is not a color I wear often, but what the heck!

I told him I wouldn’t like to wear that top without a bra and opened my “showable bras” drawer for him – yes, there is a drawer for bras that can be shown in an outfit and bras that must be hidden! LOL. He said the strappier the bra, the better, so he limited his search to thin straps and ended up picking out my blue leather bra from American Apparel. Score! I love the bra and it really does go well with this top.

Having settled on the top part of the outfit, he once again said that the tattoo had to be in the spotlight and so decided on very basic pieces for the bottom part of the look. He picked out the first pair of jeans he saw and the first pair of sandals, screamed “done” and ran off to work.

I finished the look picked out by my boyfriend with orange lips and the whole thing turned out like this:

namorado escolhe o look-2

namorado escolhe o look

namorado escolhe o look-4

namorado escolhe o look-3

I’m wearing: 
Rosa Chá top
American Apparel bra
Ellus pants
Animale sandals
Morange lipstick from MAC

I liked it! It’s a bit basic, but there’s nothing wrong with that, right? And what did you guys think? Leave your comments below!

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Beijos! 😘