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My Boy always tells me that one of the things he loved about me right away was the fact that I’m a feminist and yet still very feminine. And I always answer that one thing doesn’t cancel the other – in fact, it’s quite the opposite. I think every woman is (or should be!) a feminist, because being a feminist simply means being a woman who believes that women should have the same rights as men: respect, opportunities, equal pay, etc.

But this is not a post about feminism. It’s a post about men’s pants which I, as an empowered woman, feel very good about wearing. In fact, I love wearing men’s clothes in general and never ever do I feel less feminine because of that. And it’s a question of feminism: if they can wear it, so can I! LOL.

And these masculine pants from American Apparel make me feel very, very powerful, particularly when I wear them with ultra-feminine pieces to create an interesting look:


I recently got a NEOPRENE (!!!) dress from Colcci as a gift and it was one of those things that I opened and literally had to put on right away. Colorful, full of tulle cutouts and actually made from deep-sea diving material, this dress is NOT kidding. Plus, the print is absolutely glorious and full of delicious colors, so from the minute I had it on I started dreaming of all the possibilities of accessories that could go with it. And of course that made for quite the OutFIGHT!


Think of the world’s most incredible skirt. Seriously, most beautiful skirt ever. That’s what today’s OutFIGHT is about – giving this skirt from Pop Up Store the credit it deserves.

I bought it a few weeks ago at Pop Up Store and I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear it, but then, life’s too short to hold off on wearing something when we want to, right? So let’s do this.


Some time ago I wrote about a street style trend that had really gotten people talking: wearing two bags at once. I found the idea stylish if not off and spent the entire time that I was writing the post trying to figure out how I could simultaneously incorporate two bags in one look and, not surprisingly, didn’t find a solution. It’s hard to do and needs to be really thought out, right? Actually, no.

Turns out that today’s OutFIGHT had a look with two bags as a result and that happened completely accidentally as a result of my utter indecisiveness, LOL. Turns out that right around that time when I’m supposed to decide what bag to wear I simply couldn’t, so I decided to wear ‘em both. Fuck it.

So yeah. Let’s see how that happened:


Did you know that hot pants with a sheer skirt or dress is a total fashion hit for the summer?

It’s true, and I’ve been DYING to wear hot pants with a sheer skirt or dress since I first saw it around in street style pics. And since its super hot summer down here in Brazil, I figured, why not?

There’s just one tiny little issue: how to style hot pants with a sheer dress? To start, the whole idea of it seems pretty bold – I’m sure my dad would scold me for going out in my undies at the first glimpse of my visible hot pants! Plus, it’s not exactly an article of clothing that we have laying around in our closets for our every fashion whim, amiright?

Luckily I anticipated this uncontrollable need to give into my inner fashion victim and went to the mall a few weeks ago with the sole purpose of finding me a pair of hot pants, and that I did – I bought myself a black bikini with perfect hot pant bottoms, and they’re what’s gonna get us outFIGHTing today! 


There’s been a lot of talk about all-white looks for the summer (hello from scalding-hot Brazil!) and I admit that I’ve been dying to get into this trend from the moment I started seeing it around. One small issue: I gave away my only pair of white skinny jeans a few months ago and all of a sudden found myself left with a closet full of white tops and very few white bottoms to choose from.

namorado escolhe o look-5

Is there anything better than rolling around in bed with the Boy? If there is, I am not aware!

And today while we did just that, my Boy decided to get all cozy with my tattoo, which he hasn’t done since I came home with it! He touched it, looked at it, talked about and when I reminded him that today was Boy at the OutFIGHT day he said, “well then, we shall make this tattoo the start of the whole thing!”


Last week was my birthday and for this Boy at the OutFIGHT, my Boy had one thing absolutely decided: he would dress me in something new that I got as a gift. And I loved this notion, after all, who doesn’t like wearing new clothes?

He started by searching through the bags and boxes and came to a halt when he came across a pair of black and white shorts from Zara that according to him are “SO ME!”

look com paetes durante o dia-20

Last weekend my Boy and I celebrated our one-year anniversary and we wanted to spend our day enjoying the city, with no appointments or errands and full of beautiful views. I had been wanting to go to the old São Paulo city center for a while, so we headed out for day of pictures and great architecture.

As for my look, I wanted something casual and super comfortable, but that showed just how happy I was on the inside. And for me, nothing does happiness like flowers!


What do you wear when you’re gonna DJ at a club? That is the question!

A few months ago I played at a party called Shuffle, organized by my friend Nath, and absolutely LOVED it. The party only has super fun pop music, the kind that everyone knows the words to and can’t help dancing, which was perfect for me since that’s exactly the kind of music I’d play anyway.

So last weekend the party turned two years old and Nath invited me do be DJ again, which caused me two very grand, life-changing questions: what would be in my setlist and what would I wear? I decided on the setlist with relative ease, but the question of what to wear was a real outFIGHT!