look para balada

You know when a piece of clothing steals your heart?

That’s what happened with this Mexican skull jacket I got as a gift from WearEver. Look at this print! Look at these colors! I want to put together a million outfits with it!

But since we can only go out wearing one outfit at a time, today’s OutFIGHT of the Day will be all about coming up with a look for a night out in these chilly São Paulo nights. 👇

como usar vestido preto dia a dia

Do you know how to wear a black dress to work, or are you stuck with the idea that this is a nighttime piece? 

One of the most versatile items of any wardrobe is the black dress. Sure, it’s a go-to item for nighttime looks, but I’m really feeling like thinking outside the box today and put together a look for my daytime errands, which include work meetings and lunch with friends, with a piece that I usually rely on for after the sun sets: my black dress from Express! 👗

So today’s OutFIGHT of the Day will explore how to wear a black dress to work and other daily errands!  👇

boyfriend chooses look of the day

What if your boyfriend picked out your outfit? Would he do a good job?

My boyfriend has been doing a remarkable job of dressing me, and I’m nearly just asking him to do it every day! LOL!

Last week I told you guys I hadn’t exactly loved the outfit my boyfriend picked out for me, so this week he came back with clear determination to pick out a look of the day I would like.

He had very clear instructions: an easy Friday with no meetings, a date with my hairdresser and lunch with a girlfriend. Casual. Nothing fancy.

Check out what he picked out! 👇