Está pra nascer uma peça mais versátil que a camisa social feminina. Do look de trabalho até o #ootd estilo blogueirinha, a camisa de botão pode te transformar em rainha do verão, #girlboss ou fashionista corajosa. Vem ver as dicas sobre como usar essa peça queridinha que todo mundo tem que ter no guarda roupa. Camisa fechada até último botão A camisa social fechada até o último botão confere um ar super elegante e arrumadinho. Com os acessórios corretos você pode fugir do look nerd demais (se essa não for a sua ~vibe). Um dos meus jeitos preferidos de usar…

Existem dois tipos de pessoa no mundo: as que olham para alguns looks do passado e morrem de vergonha e as mentirosas. Eu fiz um vídeo mostrando os meus pioooooores looks dos últimos anos, porque melhor que Luta do Dia é ter a habilidade de assumir os próprios erros e dar gostosas gargalhadas, não é? Dá o play aí em cima! Esse post é um adendo e ele contempla os anos entre 2010 e 2017. Vamos escavar o passado recente e olhar para as piores tendências da década (que ainda não acabou, hein)! 2010 – Jeggings Quem inventou isso achou…


I have some articles of clothing in my closet that get me made fun of every time I wear them. Its inevitable! hahaha! And these jeans overalls are one of those articles. I literally walked into work today and got called a plumber! And it’s a little bit understandable: it’s got an elastic waist and it’s made of light blue jeans, similar do the color of a plumber’s uniform!

And to top it off, I stopped at this little shop with all of the umbrellas and all of a sudden I became a Mary Poppins/plumber hybrid. Awesome.


My Boy always tells me that one of the things he loved about me right away was the fact that I’m a feminist and yet still very feminine. And I always answer that one thing doesn’t cancel the other – in fact, it’s quite the opposite. I think every woman is (or should be!) a feminist, because being a feminist simply means being a woman who believes that women should have the same rights as men: respect, opportunities, equal pay, etc.

But this is not a post about feminism. It’s a post about men’s pants which I, as an empowered woman, feel very good about wearing. In fact, I love wearing men’s clothes in general and never ever do I feel less feminine because of that. And it’s a question of feminism: if they can wear it, so can I! LOL.

And these masculine pants from American Apparel make me feel very, very powerful, particularly when I wear them with ultra-feminine pieces to create an interesting look:

namorado escolhe o look-5

Is there anything better than rolling around in bed with the Boy? If there is, I am not aware!

And today while we did just that, my Boy decided to get all cozy with my tattoo, which he hasn’t done since I came home with it! He touched it, looked at it, talked about and when I reminded him that today was Boy at the OutFIGHT day he said, “well then, we shall make this tattoo the start of the whole thing!”

look saia lapis cintura alta externas-24

Long weekends are the absolute best, but even though I was very, very happy to have had one this past weekend, I’m pretty sure everyone can agree that they kind of mess up our routine, right? 

By the time Tuesday rolled around I had so much work to catch up on that looking at my To-Do list kind of made me want to cry! Among other things, I had one day crammed tight with meetings and decided to use this day to try and wear my new snake print super high-waisted pencil skirt that I got as a gift from A.Brand. Since stature is not my forte, the skirt’s super high waist and tight fit is perfect for creating the illusion of a longer body, so shall we do this?

boy na luta-6

I nearly died laughing with my Boy picking out my outfit this morning!

He started out with no great adventures – went over to my closet and, as is becoming routine for him, picked out a skirt. In fact, I was very happy with the skirt he picked out, which happened to be one I had made a few years ago.

Once that was done, he went over to the shirts section of my closet and took out a gray t-shirt with a skull printed on it, but placed it next to the skirt and sighed, “doesn’t work”. I couldn’t argue – it really made no sense! So he started to take out my tops, one by one, until he came upon a nude little piece. He opened it up and said, “Is this clothes?! It’s ridiculously tiny!”


We’re all well aware that body chains are all the rage amongst celebrities and fashionistas alike, right? 

Well, I bought mine recently and now I want to wear it all the time – with a bikini, over a dress and under a cropped top, which was today’s choice for the OutFIGHT of the Day. The occasion? A chill weekend in the country with my Boy, which included an antique car show, long walks along the old colonial buildings and of course, some good drinks once the sun went down! 😛🍹 So let’s get started and see how to wear a body chain with a crop top!

boy na luta-10

Who has never taken a look at their closet and thought, “I’ve got nothing to wear?” 

This moment of tiny desperation was my main inspiration for creating the OutFIGHT of the day because I knew that just like me, women all over felt that they had nothing to wear. But I never imagined that men felt this way too, much less when picking out an outfit for their girlfriend! After all, the Boy at the OutFIGHT was a product of one of those days when, being late to go out, I cried that I had nothing to wear and he went into my closed and seconds later came out with a full outfit picked out.

This all changed, of course, this morning, when it came time for him once again to choose my look. He looked around for several minutes and sighed: “there’s nothing here that you haven’t work already.

HA! How things change!

look com saida de praia externas-8

Last week, right in the middle of a cold front, I was invited to a dinner party to celebrate the Pink October edition of Lounge magazine. It was going to be a laid back night with some fun girls, so I decided that a dress was the perfect fit for the occasion. Except I’ve been feeling very dress-deprived lately, and when I realized all my options were exhausted I had a brilliant ideia: why not wear a beach dress, one of those we put on over a bikini, smack in the middle of the city? A challenge, sure, but I love challenges and that’s what the OutFIGHT of the Day is all about after all!