De que adianta ter um smartphone ultra moderno se a gente não está explorando todas as possibilidades que eles permitem? Vamos falar sobre os melhores acessórios para smartphones que existem por aí. Eles vão melhorar a qualidade de vida (alô selfies maravilhosas?), te distrair em uma reunião chata ou transformar o seu treino na academia em um show particular. Capinha de luz A LuMee faz as melhores capinhas com luz para a selfie perfeita. Finalmente você vai poder para de incomodar os amigos pedindo para eles ligarem a lanterna do celular para registrar aquele momento bafo à noite (confesso que…

Vocês repararam que nessa temporada tudo na moda está meio too much? Um mais é mais de um jeito divertido? Eu estou amando! As bolsas estão coloridas e em formatos divertidos, as meias estão cobertas de brilho e os sapatos estão cheios de apliques. Está tudo muito legal, bom pra sair da mesmice dos looks sóbrios de inverno, né? As funny bags vieram para deixar o look divertido e até meio lúdico. Lembram daquela sua bolsa de ursinho de pelúcia lááá nos anos 90? Pois é, ela agora aterrizou em versões adultas, com as cores do momento (o famoso combo…

a coisa mais importante para emagrecer

Do you know what is the first and most important step to take in order to lose weight and keep it off?

One of the questions I hear most often around here is how to start a healthy weight-loss program that will last. A lot of girls think I will answer with an “eat less” or a “work out more,” but the truth is that reaching our body goals goes way beyond that, and is much less tangible than the old diet+exercise. 

como usar duas bolsas ao mesmo tempoHave you ever thought of wearing two bags simultaneously??

If you haven’t, now’s a good time to start! Wearing two bags at once (the trend that has been given the unfortunate name of double bagging) is a rising fashion trend. And if we already love carrying one great bag, why not go ahead and do two, right? Hahaha!

But let’s get a few things clear: the idea isn’t necessarily throwing on two random bags, but coordinating a tote with a mini bag, mixing two shoulder bags, or maybe even wearing two identical ones. The possibilities are endless, so let’s check out how to do it!  👇

tips to eat out without ruining your diet

Do you ever wonder if it’s possible to diet AND have a life? 

But of course it is, lovies! As you all my know from my Instagram, I am always on a diet, but I’m also eating out and enjoying life like crazy. No unattended-to cravings around here! That’s why I decided to put together some of my best tips and secrets for eating and drinking out without completely ruining my diet. 👇

receita macarrao fit com salmao

Hey girlies! Welcome to #MondayBunday, the day of the week that we dedicate completely to our booties here at the blog!

Today I’m gonna share my favorite recipe: skinny gluten-free pasta with salmon. It’s an absolute hit around here!

My Boy loves it (and doesn’t even know it’s skinny!), the girls dig it, my parents went crazy with it and it’s all-around one of my favorite recipes because it’s easy and healthy and delicious.

I came up with this recipe after I moved in with my boyfriend. He LOVES pasta but I just don’t know how to make any good sauces. And since I wanted to surprise him one night without breaking my diet, I put my creativity to work. By chance I had a nice filet of salmon in the fridge that day and some fresh mozzarella that had to be used soon. “I’ll throw it all in!” I thought.

What came out was a delicious, healthy and light dish that contains all the macros I need for a good meal: carbs, protein and good fats. Here it goes! 👇

tattoo chokers

Do you remember the hottest trends from your teenage years?

One of the hottest trend from when I was a teen was the tattoo choker, that plastic necklace that was all the rage! I remember being a wannabe-rebel in the 90s and wearing those to compose my misfit look, LOL!

Well, as it is not uncommon for past trends to come back, the tattoo choker is again a hot item! So let’s take a look at the different varieties, how to wear tattoo chokers and where to buy them! 👇