boy na luta-10

Who has never taken a look at their closet and thought, “I’ve got nothing to wear?”

This moment of tiny desperation was my main inspiration for creating the OutFIGHT of the day because I knew that just like me, women all over felt that they had nothing to wear. But I never imagined that men felt this way too, much less when picking out an outfit for their girlfriend! After all, the Boy at the OutFIGHT was a product of one of those days when, being late to go out, I cried that I had nothing to wear and he went into my closed and seconds later came out with a full outfit picked out.

This all changed, of course, this morning, when it came time for him once again to choose my look. He looked around for several minutes and sighed: “there’s nothing here that you haven’t work already.

HA! How things change!

After lots of searching around he finally emerged with a blue-and-red plaid skirt from American Apparel. After having chosen the skirt, though, his doubts seemed to persist. He took out a bunch of tops from my closet and put then back, until finally he asked me where he could find my Ramones crop top.

The shirt is black and white and I’m not a huge fan of mixing in black and white with other colors, particularly dark blues, but the rules of the Boy at the OutFIGHT are clear so I left him in control. And after choosing the top the rest came easily to him: black boots and black sequined jacket.

Woah! Sequins in broad daylight? Certainly not a kosher choice but I like his boldness and in the end I think it came out fun and modern:

boy na luta-6

boy na luta-11

boy na luta-4

boy na luta-7

boy na luta-8

boy na luta-9


I’m wearing:
American Apparel skirt
Opera Rock top
Aldo boots
Cafofo Chic sequined jacket


So what do you guys think? Would you go out in a sequined jacket during the day? Leave your comments below and share this post if you like the Boy at the OutFIGHT!

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Kisses! ?